Use Of Curtains To Accentuate The Beautiful Home Decor

Use Of Curtains Home Decor Ideas

Curtain, also called drape, is basically a piece of cloth used to block or hinder too much light falling in the room. Curtains could be adjusted to monitor the amount of light entering the room across the day. Curtains these days have become a vital element in home decor ideas. Be it the living room or bedroom or kids’ room or lobby or even bathrooms, curtains have slowly found its way to almost all the spaces in a home. Apart from obstructing light, curtains have gradually become essential elements in revamping the look and feel of home spaces. You will find a number of designs, prints and fabric options to get the best curtain for the rooms.

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Curtains are an easy, cost effective and simple ways of home decoration and could easily blend with the overall decor of the room. For example, if you have neutral hues on the walls, a vibrant tint curtain could be used on the windows to add some colors to the mundane room. Similarly, if walls are painted with bright hues, curtains in white or neutral colors would look the best. There are so many options when it comes to curtains that you can actually use a combination of 2 different fabrics and colors to make it interesting. In the coming section, we will discuss the use of curtains to make your room look and seem more pleasing and graceful.

  • Curtain On The Bed: this is one of rare ideas we recently came across at a friend’s home. A simple fabric draped on the four corners of the bed will make your room seem a bit more posh. See the below image for reference. How effortlessly the curtain blends with the bed linens and walls and makes the entire set up look sophisticated.

    Curtain On The Bed Curtain Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Play With Curtain Fabric: there are a zillion fabrics available at store these days. Try to opt for the ones you haven’t used or seen before. Just like the reference image below. Simple blue and white colors, however, the fabric of the curtain makes the wall look elegant. Remember the color combination should be chosen in a way that compliments with the rest of the room (chair or wall color or rug or bed linens or other furniture).

    Play With Curtain Fabric Curtain Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Draping The Curtains Smartly: we have always taken the easier and standard way of putting a curtain on a straight rod. However, little do we know that there are smarter ways of using curtains as well!! See the below image for reference. Two different colored and printed fabrics have been used and placed in a way to make an arch. We absolutely adore the design and blend of the curtain with the wall.

    Draping The Curtains Smartly Curtain Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Go Retro: This combination could be used for themed parties you host at your home. See the below image for reference. How about a combination of two different colored curtains put on a window or wall or on a door to make a statement. It could also be paired with flowers artificial or real.

    Go Retro Curtain Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

We hope you liked reading today’s blog as much as we did while writing it. For more home decor ideas and inspirations keep following our blogs.

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