Tips for Reducing the Cost of Constructing the House

Make your own design

Do you panic thinking about constructing a house? It is indeed a costly affair to design and make you own house but there are tactics using which one can reduce the overall cost. Be it improving the existing home or constructing a new house, use of certain DIY ways can considerably reduce cost.

Constructing a house

  • Be diligent in choosing right plot: Even before construction of the house starts, choosing the plot for building the home is an important consideration. Always do a research on the price of the land and make a comparison before making the final choice. Always choose land parcel that is not very expensive. Try to purchase a land in areas that is still under development phase.

    It is okay to purchase a smaller plot and construct two or three storied building. This saves the money associated with purchase of constructing bigger plot and the foundation also needs to be put for a single building. The multi-storied building is more profitable and the construction also becomes comparatively easy using a standard base.

  • Map a Complete budget: It is important to set a budget including everything as it helps in better management and organisation. Find out architect, contractors, designers etc. at cost effective fee and try to set a realistic budget. This helps in reducing cost and is a durable option. Always talk to the contractor beforehand putting forward all requirement and setting the expectations right.

    Map a Complete budget

  • Be your own contractor: There are many companies who allow you to work on your home as your own contractor and it is very cost effective. Hiring a general contractor is expensive as you have to have hefty amount of money for supervising the project. It is your home and you can do fair justice to by being your own contractor.

    There are many advantages when you become your own contractor. It gives you the convenience to manage and supervise the construction process. Right from choosing the layout, material, plot area and everything else, you can take care of everything which also saves more money.

  • Choose building material carefully: If you want to cut down on the cost considerably, use building material that are more common and have high supply rate. There are many materials that are of high quality and inexpensive which helps in reducing the overall cost. The expensive material may look more attractive but ends up going heavy on your wallet.

    Choose building material carefully

  • Make your own design: Be creative and try to plan the house according to your choice. Instead of hiring an architect to design the layout, do some research and create a design by self. Or else instead of hiring a contractor, opt for an independent architect and structural designer who can help you save money through their customised design.

    You can opt for a single room with lot of space or two rooms with simple design. The lesser the number of rooms, less is the cost associated. This prevents the cost associated with using the raw material for construction and manpower. Design the house with layout that goes easy on your pocket.

    Make your own design

  • Choose simple roofing system: There is lot of cost associated with roofing and hence it is recommended to opt for a simple and attractive roofing system. The simpler the roof is, less expensive it is and hence one can use money judiciously for construction. The complicated roofs are visually appealing but are more expensive and at times not even of high quality.

  • Cost effective fireproofing: It is important to use fireproofing system so that the house is safe and protected from damage. There are different ways to fireproof the place taking care of the specifications. The fireproofing spray applied type is cost effective and requires minimum preparation. The gypsum board is also an inexpensive way to fireproof a particular place.

  • Easy and simple Floor plan: Instead of spending lot of money on the flooring, it is recommended to use simple tiles or structures. The complex geometric shaped tiles or floor plan is expensive as it is difficult to construct. It is easy to cut tiles in rectangle or square shape that makes it cost effective. Use simple floor and shapes to create better flooring.

  • Start the preparation step by step: It is important that along with the budget you start the process of preparation as well. Start purchasing the things slowly one by one so that you don’t feel the burden at the end. Start the punch list from beginning itself as it might end up wasting lot of time and may become expensive.

    Before the project completes, it is better to understand the punch list and check if everything is complete. In case of fabricators, always go for the certified ones so that the steel used for the construction stays fine for years. It might be little expensive to go for the certified ones, but it is better to stick with it.

  • Keep an eye on order: After placing the order for the construction, make sure that you double check the order placed for raw material. Be it getting the right amount of material or measurement, keep a close eye. Do not keep paperwork and documentation for the last minute as it might end up with errors or duplications. Do not let miscommunication hassle the process of construction.

  • Choose Affordable Interiors: Instead of purchasing all the interiors it is better to fix things like cupboards, shelves, cabinets’ etc. using wood or similar material. This reduces the cost associated with buying extra interiors for the home. There are many ways by which you can design cost effective and attractive furniture using left over building raw material.

    Choose Affordable Interiors

No matter what there is a certain cost associated with construction a new house. However by using the right strategy and making a research on construction material, the cost of construction can be considerably reduced. Always set aside a budget for the house and start taking small steps one by one to curb the exorbitant cost associated with the process of construction.

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