Sustainable Timber: A Practical Way to Preserve Natural Resources

Sustainable timber featured image

Many individuals and organizations preach a message of sustainability and eco-awareness, yet many continue to use timber that is not harvested responsibly. If we are to use timber sustainably, that means planting a tree in place of one that is felled and showing a commitment towards respecting the livelihood of people, animals and plant life in forest areas.

This infographic from Crowe Sawmills explains the importance of using timber in a genuinely sustainable fashion and how it can be implemented within our homes, while also outlining the main obstacles to sustainable timber usage.

Sustainable Timber- A practical way to preserve Natural Resources(Infographic)

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My name is Alan Crowe and the owner of Crowe Sawmills, a timber Merchant and fencing specialist based in Ireland. We specialise in the manufacture of timber products for your garden and, as we use timber that has been certified for its sustainability.

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