Smart Laundry Room Decoration Ideas For A Comfortable Washing

Laundry Room Decoration Ideas Home Decor Ideas

Laundry room, also called utility room, is a space for washing clothes. A contemporary laundry room consists of a washing machine (fully automatic or semi-automatic) along with clothes dryer, drawers, and cupboards for storing detergent, liquid wash, and fabric conditioner. The laundry room can also have a basin, also called laundry tub, for hand washing delicate clothes and an ironing table. It is surprising to learn that laundry room has slowly become a part of home decor ideas. People are thoughtfully planning laundry room spaces. From the times when laundry room was typically a part of the basement to a separate room for washing clothes, we have come a long way when it comes to laundry room design and decor.

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We feel having a space for laundry in the rooms we use on a daily basis is beneficial rather than making a room for laundry in areas like basement or garage. The reason being everyday rooms are easily accessible and feel more convenient. In the United Kingdom, the common areas for laundry are kitchen and garage. We like the idea of having a laundry space in the kitchen. Apart from the physical spaces, the water outlets, pipelines, and electricity connection need to be prudently planned for an uninterrupted and hassle-free laundry experience. As mentioned previously, having a space for ironing in the laundry area is an added advantage and going to compliment the entire space. Today we will discuss laundry room decor ideas for different home spaces.

  • A Separate Laundry Room: our preference would be to have a dedicated area for laundry for a continuous and comfortable washing experience. See the below image for reference. We like the entire setup of this laundry room where washing machine and dryer are placed together. The adjacent cupboard is divided into different compartments for storing clothes, washing liquids, iron, and iron table and for even hanging washed and ironed clothes. There are two separate baskets for white/light colored and dark colored clothes. Overall we would highly recommend having such thoughtfully planned laundry room.

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  • Laundry Room As A Part Of Kitchen: as we mentioned in preceding paragraph, a part of kitchen space can also be used for laundry. Imagine keeping the clothes for wash while preparing breakfast. Sounds highly well-located, isn’t it!!! There are a lot of colors in washing machines that would suit the overall color of the kitchen. Our list of favorite colors would be white, black and silver.

    Laundry Room As A Part Of Kitchen Laundry Room Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Laundry Room As A Part Of Study: this is something new and could be considered seriously. Laundry area may possibly be a part of the study as shown in the reference image below. We like the way drawers near the study table are dedicated to storing the laundry essentials.

    Laundry Room As A Part Of Study Laundry Room Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Laundry Space In Bathroom: we feel the most easily reached and suitable space for laundry is the bathroom. We like the way bathroom area is utilized to its best by having a laundry space in it.

    Laundry Space In Bathroom Laundry Room Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope after reading today’s suggestions and ideas, you are all set to having a new laundry space. We would like to know your favorite space for the same.

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