Home decor ideas for beautifully lighting your places with attractive candle holders

attractive candle holders

Sometimes we have everything that is required for enhancing the beauty of our interiors; beautifully painted walls, comfortable furniture and perfectly matched designer curtains. Yet we need small home decor pieces to compliment them. Unique home decor ideas help to define the interior theme more elaborately. One such home decor is a candle or set of candles and the sconce candle holder. The glow of candlelight can change the entire mood and look of a room and it instantly grants your home a touch of warmth.

attractive candle holders

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Candles are the most inexpensive of all the other home decor ideas and it instantly springs up a dull room alive. But candles too need a support to hold them which is as beautiful as them. A candle holder set not only adds a decorative element to the room, it also protects the underlying surface while burning the candles. Candle holder set can easily overwhelm even the savviest shoppers.

If you too were in search of some classy candle holders and stands, look no further. After a thorough research, we have got for you a couple of candle holders, that will surely stun your place and add the extra glam.

  • Scone candle holders: A sconce candle holder delicately combines light with beauty. Sconce candle holders introduce light to darker areas, bringing in more sophistication to your home decor, well within your budget. These again come in varied styles and designs on which different shapes of candles can be beautifully arranged making it more attractive. Sconce holders can be placed on tables, dining table, side tables, against a wall and can even be hanged on the walls. They come as single stands, in sets or in pairs which can be used as a great way to transform the look of the room.

    Scone Candle Holders Home Decor Ideas
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  • Metal candle holders: These are small and adorable ones, that can be kept on tables for those special candle light dinners, or in the bedroom for that gorgeous lightening. They come in different shapes and sizes. They have a metal design on the outside and a candle holder inside, where you can easily place the and light it. Moreover, the best part is that they can be easily shifted from one place to another unlike the wall mounted candle holders.

    Metal Candle Holders Home Decor Ideas
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  • Decorative candle lanterns: Another great candle holders come in the shape of lanterns. These are a great choice if you wish to give your house a more-of-an antique-y loo. Lantern were used in old times to spread enough light across the room and in outdoors. Similarly, these lantern candle holders too, have a lantern on the outside and a candle holder inside. These are easy to hold and easy to hang anywhere. These look great when hanged in outdoors like gardens and backyards while enjoying an evening with friends. They have the capability to add a romantic lighting to any venue.

    Decorative Candle Lanterns Home Decor Ideas
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  • DIY candle lanterns: If you have not been impressed by the above-listed candle lanterns, we know what would satisfy you. Doing it yourself. Yes, there are many ways through which, without much efforts, you can use old jars and tins to create creatively candle holders. The best way is to get an old jar and its cap. Attach the cap with a chain, decorate it beautifully if you feel the need, and place a candle in it. Light the candle and hang it in the garden to spark up the décor of the place. What say?

    DIY Candle Lanterns Home Decor Ideas
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So, decorate your house with beautiful candle holders and let the combination of light and art create its magic.

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