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Spicing Up With Wall Shelf Home Decor Ideas

If you are a hardcore interior designing fan or not, you might be wondering about the looks you could give to your home. Designing and decorating home reflects more about your identity and you would never want to be deprived of having a personal touch in all your spaces. No wonder, brilliant home decor ideas is the one thing that is must to make all your dreams true.

Well, it’s not easy to have that one perfect idea, and you can’t have everything that is going on your mind. But, we start slowly and reach to our desired destination. So, to make you one step ahead of executing best home decor ideas, I have come across with some wall decoration ideas on the house. One perfect wall decoration idea and you will all be jumping around with happiness.

  • Decorate with PVC Vinyl Stickers: Stickers are the perfect way to spruce up the walls of the room, and that too without involving an expense of refurbishment expert. Of course, there are tons of other wall decoration ideas as well that you can have by consulting these experts, but it really doesn’t worth if you are not looking for full home decor ideas.I can across with beautiful rectangular shape sticker reflecting a natural theme with all the birds, cages, and trees, which is perfect. It’s durable, economical, and completely safe for kids as it is completely non-toxic and made of PVC vinyl material.

    Decorate With PVC Vinyl Stickers Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Flipkart

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  • Reinvent with Ink Painting: A pair or more piece of beautiful painting can actually reinvent your home. Moreover, painting signifies your true love toward art and who wouldn’t want that.A perfect wall hanging item to compliment your wall. Personally, I would love to have that SAF rectangular ink painting with the synthetic frame material to spice up my room.

    Reinvent With Ink Painting Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Flipkart

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  • Spicing up with wall shelf: A right replacement of complex wall decoration ideas is to spice up with the wall with a stylish wall hanging the shelf. I came across with this perfect wooden shelf in variants of colors; brown & white combination, and red & white combination. And from that time, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a great idea, you can have both storage space and a style at the same time. The six shelves are made up of MDF, have that durability you have always wanted, and the best part is, they can be fitted anywhere. Isn’t it amazing?

    Spicing Up With Wall Shelf Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Flipkart

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  • Elegant Ambience with laser lamp: The lights are always the best way to create that environment for relaxing and beautifying the space. And what could be better than a laser lamp? If you too want to have an elegant ambiance inside your home, you can have it in a form of a sure laser pendent wooden lamp that can be fitted with your wall ceiling to enlighten all your room.

    Elegant Ambience With Laser Lamp Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Flipkart

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So, these were some ideas that you can look after to design your perfect room. Irrespective of the difference in tastes, these ideas all beneficial to every home decor lover. And if you’re looking for more such stuff, then following us.

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