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LED lights hanging

You literally put your heart in planning, designing and decorating the interiors of your home. However, there’s one place that is quite often neglected and that is the hallway. And hallway is technically the first thing that your guests notice about your home after the entrance. We are not saying you clutter it way too much as we know there is a space crunch in hallways. Decoration of this often ignored space must be smartly planned keeping in mind the elements of the other areas of home. From witty storage solutions to well turned-out lighting options, we will share decoration ideas and inspirations to have a just the right hallway and give it the much needed oomph. As we have previously mentioned, hallway is kind of the first impression of your home, why not make it anything but perfect!!

Hallway Decoration Ideas

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From stunning wallpapers to vivid shades of paint, give a thorough thought before implementing any idea in the hallway. Using brainy and useful solutions that do not hamper traffic movement is highly advised. The furniture should be used in a way that does not make the area look too cramped up and also serves your purpose of storage. The first thing that anybody notices about the hallway is walls – the colors, the texture and so on. Make sure the walls are painted with colors that go with the overall mood of the home. Do not make physical barriers by placing furniture at the floor; go for the wall storage to keep ample walking space whilst keeping it as attractive as the rest of the home. Get creative with wall shelf. Use it to place family pictures, some art work or beautiful frames. You can even leave some space for magazines and newspaper and a stand to put keys.

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Since hallways are usually small and not much scope to keep fixtures what we suggest is – less is really more when we talk about furniture in hallway. The basic furniture that you have to have is a cabinet to keep your foot wears and a stand or even hanger to place your coat or overcoat. Now comes a very important element – lighting. A dull or too bright hallway is of no use. Make sure the lights are just enough throughout the day. Try to make space for windows to let the natural light in during the day time. Let us now discuss about the lighting arrangements for evening and night. And let me tell you this can make or break the look of your hallway, for which you have taken a lot of pains. You can just have an elegant crystal chandelier or a couple of Chinese lanterns in the middle of the hallway. Or you can have fixed ceiling lights. Or you can go absolutely creative and arrange LED lights hanging on the walls or make a beautiful mesh around the chandelier or lantern. Get some fresh flowers and try to create a splendid and chic hallway that your family and friends would love.

LED lights hanging

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