Functional home decor ideas for a chic dorm room

Home Decor Ideas for a Chick Dorm Room

Student life is always messy. With a lot of projects to complete, assignments to be completed before the deadlines, exams and viva to prepare for, no time to manage clothes, wardrobes, study table etc. the room you live in, can be all messy too. If you too are living a dorm room, sharing with someone, or without sharing with someone, you sure need some home decor ideas to manage and maintain it, while you manage your student life. Right?

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If you have been struggling from long to look for ideas to decorate your dorm room and manage it well, you are at the right place. Look no further because you have reached the right place. Today we have got for you some great dorm room ideas that will not only help you manage your stuff, your files and assignments, your stationary and clothes, but at the same time will help you make everyone else envy of your room. Who knows, you might just end up making some new friends.

So, friends, don’t waste another minute and give the following ideas a read. Pick one out of the following few ideas, mix it up with your imagination and creativity and transform your untidy room into an organized, and chic dorm room.

  • Avoid clashing by coordinating: So, you have pink as your favourite color but your friend does not like it. So, what to your do? Of course, fighting for your color is not the only solution. What’s best that you can do here is to coordinate with your roommate and decide to paint and decorate the room coordinating with the colors you and your roommate would both love. For more reference, you can check the image below.

    Avoid Clashing By CoordinatingHome Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Warm up the cold floor: The major difference that you could bring to your small dorm room, is by adding a comfortable, cozy, smooth rug on that cold floor. The best part, no more wearing slippers in the room. All you need to do is to first arrange your furniture properly, and then figure out what space is left for the rug. When it comes to finding the perfect the rug, the size and the fabric plays the most important role. Moreover, you should find a rug that is not only cozy and fit to the size of the room, but also that compliments the decor of the room.

    Warm Up The Cold Floor Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Cover the bare walls: another interesting way to decorate your dorm room without making any extra space, is by covering the extra space on the walls with some funny and chic wallpapers. Wallpapers are so in trend right now and there could not be a better way to decorate walls than by putting up some cool wallpapers. There are several different types and sizes of wallpapers that are available out there for you, but all you need to do is to pick one among all. You could either go for some quotes that suits your personality and individuality or can go for wallpapers that have great paintings and presentations. One such amazing wallpaper is shown in the image below.

    Cover The Bare Walls Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

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