Different Styles of Steel Balustrade

Stainless steel balustrades

Steel is a popular choice of metal for most of the products that are made today. This is even true for the balustrade designs. Due to its versatile and sturdy nature, it can be fabricated into beautiful steel balustrade for homes and offices. The variety of techniques and finishes that can be used on steel makes it a popular material for interior decoration of many homes and offices. In comparison with other materials used for interior decoration, steel can always be finished in an elegant manner that complements all kinds of themes of interior decoration. It can also be designed in a bold manner so as to stand out as a centerpiece for your house.

Stainless steel balustrades

Given below are two different styles of steel balustrades for homes and offices. They are:

  1. Steel Balustrade Spindle: Steel balustrade spindle is a vertical steel rod that is equally spaced or custom spaced, installed from the ceiling to the stairs or the handrail to the base. These spindles increase the natural light inside homes or office around the staircase or a balcony due to their regular spacing. It makes a room appear larger than actual. The spindles can be created from both stainless steel and mild steel but stainless steel is still a popular choice because it does not require huge maintenance and can withstand all weather conditions inside or outside the house. The finish on stainless steel railings will last really long.

    Steel Balustrade Spindle

    There are a lot of choices for the surface finish of the stainless steel. But mirror polished is usually the best and most popular choice among a lot of homeowners. The surface of mirror polished stainless steel balustrade always reflects the light providing bright interiors and adding a touch of opulence to your household. Mild steel is a popular choice when you want the balustrades in a different shape and design like twisted, rolled etc. mild steel can be played with and customized according to the choice of the homeowner.

  2. Steel Balustrade Bar: On a similar note to the spindles design these days, the flat bar design in steel balustrade is also pretty fashionable. The flat bar steel can be fabricated into a variety of designs as per the customer’s requirements. The custom made flat bar balustrades can be art deco inspired or contemporary to suit the modern households. When the balustrade has been created, it is usually given a protective coating to prevent the steel from degrading due to rusting over the long term. This coating also provides a neat finish to the balustrade.

    Steel Balustrade Bar

Types of finish

There is a variety of finish that you can give to the steel railings. If you want to give raw and industrial steel like finish, then a plain coating of clear patina or wax is recommended. This coating will protect the railing from harsh weather and keep it in its original form. This is a best choice if you have brass interiors or concrete look in your house.

Powder coating is a common form and is available in a variety of colors. This coating is suitable for all types of interiors. It hides the imperfections in the balustrade and adds a layer of protection to it.

Protect the railing from harsh weather

There are a variety of ways to finish a mild steel balustrade and it really depends on the interiors of the house and mindset of the person. In the recent past, there has been a heavy demand for brass and bronze finish on the interiors of the house. People also want the same finish on the steel balustrade as well. As we know that brass is a metal that demands huge maintenance, people are turning to steel and fabricating it into the antique bronze or brass structures.

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