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Cottage Decoration Home Decor Ideas

When we grow up we always have a dream to buy our own house and the kind of house we would love to stay in. Where on one hand, some dream of a lavish house in the city, whereas some dream of having a little cottage and garden area, in the outskirts of the city for a peaceful life. And when people think of doing any of the above, they look for various home decor ideas and also consult interior designers.

These ideas and home makers help people decorate their house in the best possible way, making it worth every penny. But what people often forget is the outdoors. People invest so much into how their house should look like from the inside, that they forget to pay any attention to the outdoors, and by the time they notice that they have not looked at the outdoors, it’s too late as they run out budget.

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If you to are one among those, who instead of living in big bungalows in the cities, would any day prefer to live in beautiful cottages in the bliss of nature, then get ready for some great exterior design ideas. Today, we have got for you some great home decor ideas, that will help you decorate the cottages like never before. Check them out below:

  • Shades of pink: When it comes to decorating the exterior of the house, it is always suggested to paint the house in lighter shaded colors. Not only because they look gorgeous, but also because they help keep the house cool, especially during the summers. To achieve a look as shown in the image below, firstly, you need to decide two or may be three different shades of the same color, say pink. And then paint the entire house accordingly. If you feel that there’s too much of the same color, you can also paint the house in contrasting colors as shown in the following image.

    Shades Of Pink Cottage Decoration Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Blend it with the nature: What could be better than painting your house in colours that blend perfectly with the nature. If you are a nature lover, you sure would have some great trees, plants, and flowers around your house, and therefore, we are sure, you would love this look too. We suggest why not paint your house in the shades of green, as shown in the image below, to make it look absolutely great. For more creativity, you can mix other colors, like blue. You can paint the majority of the house in the primary color, i.e. green, and the rest of the part, like the doors and the windows, in blue.

    Blend It With The Nature Cottage Decoration Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Keep it all raw and simple: Another way of making your house stand apart from the rest, is not paint it at all, or paint it like there’s no paint. You can create a brick like structure paint, and paint the corners and the joints in white to make it look like the one shown in the image below. If you cannot afford that, you can simply create the look with the help of similar looking wallpapers. To complete the look, plant some bushes and trees around, and also, some colorful fresh flowers.

    Keep It All Raw And Simple Cottage Decoration Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

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