7 Ways to Decorate your Office in a Budget

Decorate your Office in a Budget

In personal life, we want a clean house and a clean track to run but why we become reluctant when it comes to the office environment? However, we spend most of the time of our day at the office. The way clean house and calm track for running helps our mood get better. In the same way, the office environment has its important effect on the productivity of humans. Clean and beautiful office should also be the focus of our maintenance goals. We will not just have a beautiful office but it will also attract a lot more to clients. It will also help your team member to become productive.

Decorate your Office in a Budget
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There are little things which you could do to improve the environment of the office. Some basic cleanliness measures and finishing touch to unfinished parts of the office building will essentially upgrade your office place. Your office should be a place where people love to visit, like to work and enjoy staying for longer hours. There can be many ways of refurbishing your work-space but all involve the expenditure of money to some extent. There are seven ways to decorate your office within your designated budget.

  1. Use air freshener: For spending longer part of the day, the air of the office should stay fresh and healthy. Most of the offices are built in such a way in the downtown that these offices don’t have the luxury of airy space or maximum oxygen coming through. For keeping work-space lively and reside able, air fresheners should be used at consistent intervals. work-space air becomes smelly if it does not have the proper passage. Air fresheners will keep your work-space afresh all day long.

    Use air freshener
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    A research conducted in Japan also approves this. According to this research, typists were assigned to smell jasmine, lavender, and lemon. Typists who smelt lemon made 53% fewer errors, typists who smelt lavender made 20% fewer errors and typists who smelt jasmine made 33% fewer errors. It showed that fresh air or cool fragrances are necessary for optimum performance.

  2. Personalize the office space with art: The greatest offices are not just cleaned, functional and environmentally optimal but these offices have something artistic that just showcases the company. It does mean that you can make artistic work on a wall that shows the name of the company, company’s slogan and logo. This hint is just a starting point. You can go anywhere with this fabulous idea. Making of this featured wall will not be expensive either. You can go with handmade sketches, an antique, kitschy accessory or finishing touch.

    Personalize the office space with art
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    Once it came to observance that Nestle has written its name on the grass. There are many examples like that. Personalized chairs with the structure showing chairs are another such example. A managing director at UK top office space design company, Chris Booth says “I’ve seen doors made into coffee tables, milk-bottle crates converted into lights for a milk company–I’ve seen some amazing things, cheaper than buying a piece of art, that reinforce not only a brand but also its green credentials”

  3. Use some creative art for motivation: You should not necessarily fill your employees’ minds with flying eagles or rockets. Portraits showing soft objects or written phrases are much more impactful. Be creative and search on Google for digital portraits. You will find many options including written phrases, book excerpts, famous quotes etc. Famous office space designer Waits says “Search online and download a digital photo with the appropriate Commons license. Make it your own by cropping, zooming, or adding custom effects. Enlarge and print a favorite poem, quote, or excerpt from a book. Matted and framed, it can become an unexpected and unique art piece.”

  4. Replace whiteboard with chalkboards: If you are looking to give an added decorative touch to your business place then you must consider replacing whiteboard with chalkboards. Waits says “We’ve all seen chalkboard spray paint used in kitchens and kids’ rooms, but what about your office? A chalkboard is a quick way to take a note while you’re on the phone and it’s more stylish than a startlingly white whiteboard”.

  5. Reconsider reception area: Having reception area in the office is considered essential. The reception area is only essential if you have customers coming all the time. If your business does not come into that type of business in which the visits of the customers are frequent, then there is no reason to overburden your limited office space with reception area. Isabelle Glinka has an amazing idea for you as she suggests “needed a way to guide their clients through space since they did not have a receptionist. We put their branded bubbles on the ground, some in blue, and some in green. The different colors lead to different rooms, making it very easy for them to explain to the client where to go.”

    Reconsider reception area
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  6. Keep higher cleanliness standards: Cleanliness is your first impression. You should keep it checked that every corner of your office is being properly cleaned or washed every day. Stains do not only bad for human health but these are also bad for business. Nobody likes to reside seeing stains. Cleaning will not even cost you anything. Head of marketing at a design company, Paul Kelly says “We have a ‘no eating at desks’ policy, which keeps rubbish in its proper place as well as crumbs off the floor. We also recommend that you ban bins at desks to avoid the inevitable pile-up of rubbish at workstations. It also encourages recycling”.

    Keep higher cleanliness standards
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  7. Let the sunlight come: Sunlight has really beneficial vitamins for our body. Exposure to sun protects you from the certain diseases as well. Here, I would like to quote my own example that I have been most of the part of winter season because I worked indoor most of the days which didn’t allow me a time to bath in the sun. Due to this reason, I got fever, influenza and many other seasonal diseases. Therefore, keep the windows open during the daytime and let the fresh air and sunlight come.

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