5 Traditional, Quirky And Easy Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Go A Little Traditional - Home decor ideas

The time of the year when the entire nation comes together to kick-start the festival season, yes we are talking about the much awaited Indian festival Diwali (Deepawali). While we always give home décor ideas and inspirations to spruce up different home spaces or plan the interiors of your dream home. A lot of relatives, acquaintances, and friends visit you to celebrate the festival, sweets and food is always sorted but it is also equally important to make a home more pleasing to the sense of vision. Do It Yourself (DIY) décor ideas are perfect for this occasion. Be it a simple rangoli or DIY lamps, it surely will get attention from your guests. Today we will share detailed views on home decoration ideas for Diwali, to make your home more presentable and visually appealing for the celebrations.

    • Creative Hanging Lamps: if you wish to give a contemporary touch to this traditional festival, we have just the right decoration idea for you. You can have colorful mason jars hung with jute rope and yellow lights all around them to dazzle the home interiors. These could be used in outdoors as well. See the below image for reference. Aren’t these smart, stylish and chic ways to decorate home this Diwali!!!

      Creative Hanging Lamps - Home Decor Ideas
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    • Backyard Decoration: well if you have a backyard or outdoor garden or any other outdoor space, it is time to sparkle it up with starry lights this festive season. See the below image for reference. The way ceiling is made out of lights and the way wall illuminates with lights seem quite creative. You can even have lamps placed near the seating area just like in the image. Everything is so raw and fresh about the sight, isn’t it!!

      Backyard Decoration - Home decor ideas
      Image Source: Google Image

    • Light Up The Terrace: terraces have some of the most spectacular views of other houses during Diwali. You can even host Diwali party at the terrace with magnificent décor ideas we are going to share now. Festival Diwali is all about the lights and making the ambiance light up with a positive aura all around and what better than illuminating the area to its best where you will be hosting your Diwali party. See the below image for reference. We feel it is a perfect spot to chill, hang around, celebrate, have amazing food, exchange engaging conversations and have a good time with closed ones.

      Light Up The Terrace - Home decor ideas
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    • Go A Little Traditional: the festival of color and light is incomplete without the traditional decoration elements like rangoli and marigold flowers. You can make vibrant and beautiful Rangolis out of gulal at the entrance and also decorate the doors with evergreen marigold flowers.

      Go A Little Traditional - Home decor ideas
      Image Source: Google Image

    • Decoration With Candles: having candles in different areas of the home is yet another conventional yet therapeutic way to decorate the house during diwali. There are plain or painted diyas and even diya candles, you can even take extra efforts to hand paint them.

Decoration With Candles - Home decor ideas
Image Source: Google Image

Hope you liked these customary and contemporary ideas to decorate home this Diwali. Remember to have an eco-friendly Diwali this year by not bursting crackers. Have super colorful celebrations!!!

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