4 Smart Basement Decoration Ideas For A New And Fresh Look

Basement Decoration Ideas Home Decor Ideas

Basement is nothing but a floor of a building below the ground floor. It is generally used as a function room where items like a water heater, boilers, fuse box, car park and air conditioning machines are placed. However, some people like to use the basement as the high standard living room. Basement has become an important part of home decor ideas. People hire a professional help these days to convert this mostly used as a storage area into a space that could be utilized to create a recreational room. Could be converted into a kids’ playroom or living room or casual area where you can enjoy dinner with close family and friends.

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Basement decor ideas should be thoughtfully planned to give it the desired look. The lights, ventilation and comfortable seating should be a priority. These days’ people go out of their way to refurbish the basement and don’t mind spending extra for an added appeal and comfort. Time and again we have shared the best of home decor and interior design ideas for different home spaces, today we will give basement decoration ideas and inspirations to make the best use of this space and convert it into a feel-good area so that you can make memories with the near and dear ones. Here are different basement areas you can plan.

  • Basement Wall Decoration: you can convert one of the walls of the basement into a feature wall. The feature wall is nothing but a well designed and decorated wall that sets it apart from the other walls of the room. It can be made of wood or brick or decorated in a way that makes the overall space look and feels more visually appealing. See the below image for reference. We like the way basic gray wall has a wooded area in the middle to hang the photos and heads of different fauna make it even more artistic and raw. Like the way, white has been used on a dark base.

    Basement Wall Decoration Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Creative Use Of Staircase Wall: this is one our favorite ideas to use the wall areas that are often ignored just like the wall accommodating the staircase. You can create open shelves in the staircase wall to display items or souvenirs from your last travel or could even be used to accommodate potted plants to make space look fresh and feel positive. See the below image for reference. We like the way photo frames have been placed on the shelf to utilize the wall space to its best.

    Creative Use Of Staircase Wall Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Basement Lights: this is one of the most important aspects of a basement. Since space is generally dark, we suggest the use of lights to dazzle up the room. We feel lights fitted in the ceilings will look the best just like in the reference image below.

    Basement Lights Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Basement Into A Home Theatre: what better than a lavish basement home theatre to enjoy the favorite movies or live football or cricket match with family and friends!!!

    Basement Into A Home Theatre Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope you enjoyed these basement decor ideas as much as we did while writing it.

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