Brilliant Basement Decor Ideas For Your Family And Dear One’s

Basement Decoration Ideas Home Decor Ideas

Not everyone has a luxury of having a basement in the house. Nor can everyone afford to convert it into a recreational space. We still fondly remember the basement of our childhood home. The basement was fairly big and had 2 rooms, however, it mostly remained closed with the first room being used as storage for all things unnecessary, parents somehow would never prefer to let go of the things they previously used. However, times have changed and families like to decorate the basement so that it could be used on special occasions if not daily. They actually plan it out and over the years develop it into a visually appealing and comfortable basement space.

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We actually got a chance to sneak-peak into few very thoughtful and beautifully done basement spaces. And we were thrilled to know the stories behind the decoration ideas of the few. Mostly basement is converted to a single living room so that family and friends can sit together and have a quality time while watching a movie or just over a tastefully prepared meal. Today, we are going to share with you some of the real classy and elegant basement decor ideas.

  • Basement Decorated With Memorabilia’s: you have travelled across the globe, then the best way to make use of all the memorabilia’s from your travels is by arranging them beautifully in your basement. This is will reflect your personality apart from making the basement look visually attractive.

    Basement Decorated With Memorabilias Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Basement Converted Into Living Area: converting basement into a special gathering area for family and friends is a highly recommended option. What better than exchanging banters, light conversations along with games on Saturday night!!! And hence it is important to make the basement living area not only visually appealing but comfortable too. Different kinds of sofas and cushions, a lot of cushions will certainly help.

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  • Basement As Mini Theatre: this is one of the very unusual set up we came across recently. A friend had remodeled his basement and invited us for a dinner. The ambiance was very well color coordinated, with comfortable sofas and what grabbed our attention instantly was the projector which appeared on a click when we decided to watch out favorite FRIENDS TV series. We absolutely loved the lights (neither too bright nor too dull), there was a reading area as well, where we could just pick up a book and read. Our friend had also brought outdoors in. Yes, there were 2 potted plants as well which made the basement look and feel fresh. See the below image for reference.

    Basement As Mini Theatre Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Transforming Basement Into A Personal Spa: well this idea is strictly for the lovers of luxury. People with a high standard of living and wouldn’t mind splurging for making the basement a lavish space. Basement could be transformed into a calm and soothing spa or bath area. What better than engaging in meditation followed by steam bath on a lazy Sunday afternoon!!

    Transforming Basement Into A Personal Spa Basement Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

These are some of the ideas we could come up with. We would like to hear from you as well. For more ideas, reach out to us or just leave your comments. Best ideas will be featured in our coming blogs.

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