4 Quirky And Contemporary Sliding Door Ideas For Different Home Spaces

Sliding Door Ideas Home Decor Ideas

The concept of home decor ideas is dynamic, the way every minute feels different in our lives similarly interior design elements keep evolving. Earlier a trend may be called a fad today. However, there are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing a home, it all depends on what you are comfortable with and the soul and hard work you put in to make the most of the available options (which are in abundance). Home interiors should reflect your persona, your way of life and your fine taste. Having said that, the most common aspect of any interiors is the doors, though the forms may change it is one of the essential elements when it comes to safety and security.

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Over the years the designs, patterns and even the material for doors have changed. From simple pull and push doors to sliding doors, we have come a long way. Sliding door ideas are what we are going to discuss in detail. The sliding door is basically a type door which slides open horizontally parallel to the wall. Sliding doors are commonly used in bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchen door and even outdoor or backyard doors. Sliding doors are tough, secure and strong and save a lot of space as there is no room required to open them inside or outside. Sliding doors can also be easily automated; such doors are usually seen in malls or offices or even hospitals. The mechanism behind such sliding doors is a motor and activation system also called sensors which automatically opens when people approach the door. Today, we will discuss different areas in home where you can possibly have a sliding door.

  • Kitchen Entrance: if you also have an entrance planned from the backyard to your kitchen, we feel having a sliding door here will be a good option. See the below image for reference. The way sliding door is designed keeping in mind the subtle interiors of the kitchen and rustic outdoors is commendable. The black border of the door makes it look elegant.

    Kitchen Entrance Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Farmhouse Entrance Sliding Door: for a country side farmhouse we feel wooden sliding doors would look perfect and complement the rural outdoors. See the below image for reference. The sliding door has fixed parts in net and sliding part in glass. Don’t you think it looks perfect!!

    Farmhouse Entrance Sliding Door Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Living Room Sliding Door: if you have living room entrance through the garden apart from the main entrance, we suggest making it into a sliding door would be a good option. Imagine opening this sliding door in the morning to get a peaceful view of the garden.

    Living Room Sliding Door Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Sliding Doors For The Outhouse: if you have a garden big enough to plan and accommodate an outhouse, we suggest you make it more convenient and visually appealing by having sliding doors on all sides. See the below image for reference. We feel it makes the entire garden look and feel more pleasing.

    Sliding Doors For The Outhouse Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope you enjoyed reading these sliding door ideas as much as we did while writing these. We would like to know your views in comments below.

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