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You start out with such good intentions for your child playroom idea. A serene white nursery with just of carefully positioned, old fashioned wooden toys or crocheted animals and painting. Possibly an artfully pregnant teddy bear or two. Then gradually something happens.

old fashioned wooden toy and painting for kids room

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Aside from the growing mountain of plastic gizmos, and toddlers who simply refuse to tidy up, our children start to develop their own interior ideas. They probably do not care about taste, they do not care about good design, they just want their surroundings to be bold, bright, cheerful and simply fun. How then to please both parties, and avoid a sea of sickly color or walls of football memorabilia. The answer is to find a theme you can both agree on.

kids room

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Here are a few ideas that big kids and little kids alike will appreciate. A massive rocket. Aliens. Forbidden planets. What is not to love. The walls of this bedroom have been painted navy blue for the full ‘deep space’ effect sure to please aspiring mini astronauts. It is mixed only with white and red, and the restricted color palette stops the room feeling too busy. I love the standout rocket tent bunk bed and world globes, as well as the red stencils on the wall.

wall paint ideas for kids room

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Deep, dark forests are a timeless fairy tale setting, and a woodland theme works beautifully in a small childish room. Here, the idea has been followed through with toadstool and loge seating, a tree complete with overhanging branches and, if you look carefully, even magic poisoned apples and a frog just waiting to be kissed.

kids room decoration

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The 3D grass and tree trunk color wall decorations are an excellent alternative to wall stickers or stencils. Consider getting perspex laser cut to your own design. Look online for companies that can help you. Flowers are a perennial favorite in kids rooms, but don’t assume you have to go for low key sprigs or faded blossoms. This floral wallpaper is bold, bright and beautiful look, and just retro enough to have plenty of things. Look out for bed linen that has a similarly bold floral theme. Note also the deep magenta as opposed to a more insipid pink. There has been something so pleasingly retro yet futuristic about robots. The classic depiction has not moved on since the 1970s, which is probably why they are a thing with nostalgia tripping kids, too. Look out for robots on cushions, bed linen, prints and wall stickers, or go for a mural, as here. Do not forget to display some vintage clockwork robots on shelves, too. Nautical is a classic boys bedroom theme, but I reckon it is just as cool for girls. The onus is very much on white, blue and red, with a few stripes, anchors and nautical type accessories are thrown in. Here, the bunk doubles as a magical sailing ship for the ultimate cool kid’s bed. Aye aye captain. This room ticks all the boxes for timeless chic, patchwork quilt, mix and match fringed light shades and mini vanity unit you can use. Try contrasting spotty and floral patterns, as seen here on the walls and bed, for a cottage, shabby beautiful look. A large, wall-mounted map is a classic touch in a kids room fun and colorful, but educational, too. Kids love plotting adventures and this will help them learn new names and countries. It is also likely to appeal to both older and younger children. In this room, the map mural works brilliantly along with the old vintage style metal lockers, wooden crates and fun stuffed animal heads like more beautiful. If you are using these type patterns and style then your playroom must look beautiful and different.

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