How to Organize a Small Kitchen – Ultimate Guide

Kitchen is a favorite place for those people who love cooking. But the kitchen must have big space. When the kitchen doesn’t have enough space, even cooking lovers feel dull. But the boringness will vanish if the kitchen is organized correctly. If you can organize in the right order, you will find enough space even in a small kitchen. You will never feel boring. Organizing the kitchen will make it more functional and make your cooking experience more enjoyable. But the question is how to organize it correctly. Well, it depends on which type of cook you are, as different types of cooks need different types of tools in front of hands. Here I will give you some tips to organize your kitchen which will be suitable for all types of cooks. So let’s check.

Organize a Small Kitchen-Home Decor Ideas
  Organize a Small Kitchen

  • Use Lighter Color Palette: As the kitchen is small, it will fell like gathering if the kitchen is painted in dark color. You will not feel fresh while cooking. So if your kitchen has a dark color, it is time to change it to a lighter color. First of all color your wall to a lighter color like white or cream. Then take a look at your shelves and cabinets. Then color then with a lighter color. When the whole kitchen is colored with bright color, you will feel more comfortable here than before. And it’s a proven method. So try it soon.

  • Use the Wall for Spacing: As a small kitchen, it has the problem of space. However, you can use your walls for making some space. You can use them for storing different gears. Hang a wooden plank on the roof and then attach a few hooks on it and easily hang your mugs, grill pans, cups and woks in the hooks. Then attach some baskets on the wall and use them for storing fruits and vegetables. You can hang a wine glass rack and keep your wine glasses away of gathering.

  • Use Your Oven for Storage: If you have limited shelf and cabinet, you can use your oven as an alternative. You can keep your backing sheets, muffins tins and cooling racks in the oven. But never forget to take all of them out before you turn the oven on.

    Oven storage-Home Decor IdeasOven storage

  • Use Glass Jars: Using glass jars for storing things is a good idea. It makes a clear interface. If you use glass jars to store different elements, you can take the right jar when you need as you can which jar contains which ingredient. You will not have to search for many jars as tin pots. They also look very pretty and give your kitchen a beautiful look.

  • Create Your Own Pantry: You can purchase one or you can make one yourself. You can store your pasta, canned goods, grains, tea, coffee and other dried items in it. This provides you an excellent service.

  • Install Hook Wherever You Can: You can install a bunch of hooks on which you can hang strainers and oven mitts. It makes things handy. Also, solve the problem of the lake of drawers.

    Install a bunch of hooks-Home Decor IdeasInstall a bunch of hooks

  • Store Pots and Pans Up High: There is a good amount of space on the top of the cabinets. Use them for storing things like pots, jars, and pans. Are they out of your reach? Why don’t you use a stepladder? Use a stepladder to reach any height of the kitchen and use those space for storing your goods.

  • Keep Things According to Their Use: Keep all the things maintaining their use. Keep a gear at the place where it will be used most. You can store vinegar, spices, and oils together on a shelf above the sink so that you can have them whenever you need. It also keeps them away from the heat. Store plates, mugs, and glasses to the place where you can quickly reach as you will need them anytime. Keep other gears to their right place. This trick will make your kitchen awesome.

  • Go For Super Storage Cabinets: It is important to be sure that you are using all the available space in the cabinets. As they are taking space in your kitchen, you have to make the best use of their space. Purchase cabinets with extra storage for a better spacing facility. I recommend not to use wider cabinets as they will take more space. Rather you can use high cabinets. If they reach the rooftop that is event better.

    Cabinets with extra storage-Home Decor IdeasCabinets with extra storage

  • Make Use of the Sink Area: The area under the sink remains useless. People even don’t think about using the area. But you can do it. Bottles and mops disturb you a lot as they are lying here and there on the floor of the kitchen. You can store them under the sink. Attach some rods and give the space a shape so that you can keep those disturbing bottle and mops there. This will minimize your disturbance and at the same time will save some space for you to keep other essential gears.

    Sink Area-Home Decor IdeasSink Area

  • Keep It Neat and Clean: Finally, clean the kitchen every time after use. Don’t be idle in this work. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will be dirtier and you will feel uneasy working in it. Again if don’t clean the kitchen for day after day it would be difficult to clean. Regular cleaning is not a hard job. It is so simple. Clean the floor using vacuum cleaner within a few minutes. Then clean the sink and used pans, plates and other gears. Keeping it clean will help you to enjoy your cooking time. The environment will remain free and you will not feel that the kitchen is small.

    Enjoy your cooking time -Home Decor IdeasEnjoy your cooking time

    A small kitchen can also provide excellent service if it is organized correctly. Follow the tips described above and organized your kitchen right now. Then you will feel the huge change in your kitchen. You will feel more comfortable than before. Cooking will be more enjoyable and you will never be bored. So don’t just wait, start organizing your small kitchen and make it more comfortable.

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