Make your home eco-friendly 5 tips for a greener kitchen

Are you planning to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, the kitchen is perhaps the best and the easiest area to start with. Adopt these nine simple steps to make your kitchen a bit greener and your home a bit more environmentally friendly. This will help reduce electricity consumption.

When you buy an electrical appliance be it a refrigerator or a microwave, look out for the good energy star ratings. The higher the rating, the less electricity your appliance would consume. Only buy higher rating, don’t buy less rating. Anything with four and five stars is great.

Lower electric consumption not only implies reduced carbon waste, but it also minimizes your electricity bills. Energy efficient appliances come in innovative styles and designs, especially steel. This contemporary kitchen is a good example of how you can simplify everyday kitchen chores, without hiking your electricity bills.

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Peels from vegetables and fruits act as a natural compost and provide nutrients to the soil. Please Invest in a compost, which can be stored as per your space requirements in this idea. They are easily available in the market and are affordable too. Composting provides you with chemical free natural fertilizers.

Make the ordeal simple by keeping a separate disposal for your vegetable, plant, fruit and other waste like shown above. Doing so makes it comfortable to do your composting once a week or as the bin gets full. A compost can lead to smelly issues and fumes. So, it is recommended that you keep it outside of your house. Places like your garden shed or even garage would be a great thing.

Smart cooking and prep tips Juggling work, family and managing the kitchen is tough. But you can easily multitask and cook smart to save more energy and reduce fuel consumption. So why not cook your favorite food in the oven at the same time as you roast or bake other vegetables like as you want. You can do multiple cooking items together helps reduce energy waste.

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Another sensible option is covering food with a lid when boiling or steaming. With a lid, the water temperature rises much faster, which helps conserve gas.

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Also, pondering around the refrigerator with the door open, wondering what to cook, is a waste of time and energy. Plan out your meal and take out all your ingredients at one go. The more the refrigerator door stays open, the higher is the power consumption.

It is a pain to have your gas conk off right in the middle of the meal. Induction cooktops or electric ranges are energy efficient and are quite easily available now in different price ranges. They are a must have for your kitchen.

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Recycling and reusing is the best idea for going green in your kitchen. You would be amazed at the little things that can be reused. Take any example of cans and tins. When it’s time to throw the old, stained spice jars out bring the saved ones in. Old bottles can be reused as decorative props in your living room or on your dining table. Be creative and use these for scented candles or fill them with sand or pebbles for a great beach-like effect.

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