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Kitchen Ideas

Building a house requires a lot of planning and a hell lot of patience. Each and every area of house should be well thought before starting the designing the process. And special attention must be given to Kitchen, the backbone and the most important area of the house. Having an open, spacious and comfortable kitchen is a key to family coming together. And you very well know that the family that eats together stays together. After all these minute details makes a house into a home. So now you have a brief idea about how integral designing of a kitchen is. We have seen a number of kitchen designs, but the one, amongst the few, that surely did grab our attention was L – shaped kitchen design ideas. L – Shaped kitchens are nothing but corner spaces with two shelves at right angles to each other, with a gas or hob on one shelf and a sink on the other. So here’s presenting a small guide for the ultimate L – shaped kitchen design.

Kitchen Ideas

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Everybody wants their home to be spacious. Ample foot space in every part of the room is always a priority. However, what if you are not blessed with a big kitchen area!!! And just for your information, small kitchen can get way too cluttered, thus leaving no counter space, which in turn is a major turn off for cooking. Don’t worry my friend; we are here to give ideas to make a perfect kitchen. L – Shaped kitchen design is suited for both big and small spaces. This is what we absolutely love about this kitchen design. Whether big or small, L – shaped kitchen do full justice to the space as these are basically open kitchens, thus making them look and feel bigger as they become an extension of living room. After all there’s a joy beyond articulation in cooking food while staying connected to the activities of living room.

L – shaped kitchen
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The design of L – shaped kitchen is very simple yet quite productive. L – Shaped kitchens have only two walls which can accommodate cabinets, platform, and appliances. Thus leaving a lot of space for open flooring plan, this in turn leads to a good traffic movement or hassle free movement from one area to the other within the kitchen space. If you have decently good space left, you can even utilize it to make a small dining area or breakfast nook or maybe chairs with an ottoman for having quick bites.

kitchen design

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The open nature of L – shaped kitchen leaves a lot of ideas for the use of colors and furnishing. For example – white cabinets with a dark floor plan will look appealing. You can even go for all wall cabinets for a more open kitchen. L – Shaped kitchens appear to be spacious and airy and make the entire area lively and positive. There are a wide range of designs to choose from once you have finalized the layout. You could go for all steel platform and wooden cabinets. Stainless steel is an all time favorite kitchen set-up. It looks classy, well updated, clean and so much neater.

steel platform and wooden cabinets

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