How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Make your Kitchen Look Bigger

Not everyone has a luxury of big, spacious kitchen. Most of us manage with a small kitchen. The appliances and entire kitchen set-up makes it come across even smaller. Kitchen looks and feels cramped up, not enough foot space and thus you are unable to experiment with more appliances and kitchen ware. Removing unwanted things and all the clutter from kitchen is a way to make space for other important kitchen ware, however again the thought arises and that is – the kitchen looks undersized and haltered.

Make your Kitchen Look Bigger

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What we will share in today’s blog is, ways to make your kitchen look and seem bigger. Well you have to put in little hard work and prepare yourself for the makeover. But we are sure you are going to manage it pretty well.

1. Bye-Bye Upper Cabinets – upper cabinets surely accommodates major portion of the kitchen ware and other stuff, however they also make the kitchen give the impression of being smaller and congested. Removing the upper cabinets will make a lot of free space making your kitchen feel bigger. Just a suggestion – you need not remove the cabinets on refrigerator or oven set-up, just remove the doors for an easy access.

2. Windows – make a space for ventilation, for fresh air to seep into the kitchen. Plan a lot of windows; it will let the lights in leaving your kitchen seem to be open and spacious apart from letting the fresh air in.

3. Use of Color White – using a lot of white or neutral colors will make the kitchen space dazzle, thus reflecting light through it. Reflecting surface will make kitchen seem brighter and bigger. You can use neutral colors on the walls or floor tiles.

4. Eliminate Obstructions – if you see from a third person’s point of view, a kitchen may appear to have a lot of obstacles, some of it you definitely have to get rid of. Obstacles in the form of dine-in kitchen table or a small coffee table. It may give an impression of having connectivity with the family or the living room, however having these unnecessary things doesn’t make your kitchen appear bigger, in fact it makes it smaller. Also, get rid of the hanging lights or chandelier to clear up the kitchen view. If you have a pantry attached to the kitchen, removing its door will make the kitchen seem bigger.

5. Keep it Simple – do not clutter your kitchen platform and counter by displaying everything you have. Who doesn’t like a neat and clean counter!!! Then why muddle with it. Put away as much you can into the cabinets, thus leaving the counters empty with just a few basics which you might need anytime of the day. And make sure the essentials you put at the platform are also neatly and creatively placed, so that the kitchen looks visually pleasing. You will certainly notice how bigger and spacious your kitchen feels once you clear the platform and counters leaving just a few requisites.

Keep it Simple

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Above all an appealing and spacious kitchen is a pre-requisite to the relishing delicacies apart from mom’s magic.

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