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Guest Room Decoration Ideas Home Decoration Ideas

Guests are very important and are treated similarly. In India, guests are looked up to no less than God. They say, “atithi devo bhava”, (a Sanskrit phrase) meaning guests are equal to the God. People in India pay special attention on how the guests should be treated, and therefore many look for several home decor ideas to make a separate room for them in their house.

On the other hand, others do not feel the importance of doing so. For all those who have been wondering why it is necessary to have a separate room for guests, here’s the answer. Not just because they are treated equally to God in our custom, but also because after their visit to you, they will carry an impression of you along with them.

To say it in other words, if you do not have a separate room prepared for the guests, you will have to make them rest and stay in your rooms and then there would be space issues. What if guests stay over for a few days, you’ll have to adjust with everything, the bedding, the comfort, space etc. And this might not just make you embarrass but at the same time will also make your guests feel uncomfortable and equally embarrassed.

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So, what to do? Get your guests a separate room, and you would see them bidding adieu with a happy smiling way promising you to visit again. And exactly how would you do that? Well, that is something with which we are going to help you with. Today we have got for you some easy and impressive home decor ideas to decorate your guest room and make your guests feel like home. Check out below:

  • A colorful guest room: If you feel your guests would like a room all full of colors, funkiness, and freshness, this is something you must try. To achieve a room, as shown in the image below, all you need to do is to get a canopy bed first of all in a bright color as shown. Next, match the bedding and the rest of the decor of the room accordingly. Also, do not forget to put up some fresh flowers on the bed side table in a vase. This will help keep your guests refreshed and will also spread some fragrance in the room.

    A Colourful Guest Room Home Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • A color coordinated room: If you feel decorating a room with too many colors is certainly not your type, this is something you sure are going to like. As shown below, is a color coordinated guest room. You can too easily achieve one like it. All you need to do is to first pick a subtle color and then decorate the entire room around the shades of that particular color only. This will not only make your room look clean and organized but at the same time will also make your guests feel calm and comfortable in your house. What say?

    A Colourful Guest Room Home Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

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