Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Quartz-Surface Counter top

In the past, the kitchen has only been a place for food preparation. Nowadays it’s considered to be the heart of a home. It’s not just a place of food anymore; it became the new living room, it’s where families bond, conversations are made, and where your children learn to help.

Since it’s an area you spend a lot of time in, it’s essential for it to be functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing as well. To keep a kitchen beautiful, it needs to evolve constantly. Discover the most significant kitchen trends of 2018 that will surely bring you a few brilliant ideas that get your creative juices flowing and keep your home decor ideas from being outdated.

    • Smart Kitchen: Technology has taken over modern society. Homeowners these days are integrating technology into every function and appliance into their kitchens for their convenience. There are even others who build a smart kitchen from the ground.

      While smart kitchens are not added for aesthetic purposes, it has become one of the most significant trends on 2018 due to its function. Nowadays, you can use home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home to activate and control kitchen appliances and even lighting with just your voice or add motion sensors on your kitchen faucets and soap dispenser.

      Smart Kitchen
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      Smart kitchens are also able to meet your needs. You can install refrigerators with internet connections as well as give alerts when your grocery items are getting low. If you’re a coffee lover, you can get a coffee maker programmed to make you coffee when you wake up.

      With this design, cooking would also be a more comfortable task. For those who depend on the internet to follow recipes, you can consider a docking station or a holder for your devices.

      As these technologies keep on developing, you can expect that this trend wouldn’t be going away in the future.

    • Streamlined Designs: Since the kitchen is the center of the home, you wouldn’t want it to be a stressful environment with the over complication of the interior decoration. That’s why in 2018, streamline interior decoration materials become a widespread practice.

      Streamlined kitchens are created to look as simple and functional as possible without compromising its appearance. A common trend is the removal of upper wall cabinets to make the kitchen appear larger and brighter. This not only allows the utilization of the counter top space. It also becomes reachable for people who have hard times with top shelves.

      Streamlined Designs
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      Streamline designs includes materials with texture. If you want to get with the trend, you can consider textured treatment to the ceilings or make the perfect focal point with sculpted, beveled, or stack back splash tiles and natural stone for floor tiles.

    • Quartz-Surface Counter top: While there are a lot of materials to consider for a counter top such as the popular high-end materials granite and marble, quartz remains the first choice. A high-quality quartz-surface counter top is durable, easy maintenance, and long lasting.

      Quartz-Surface Counter top
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      These days, quartz comes in all sorts of colors and finishes, giving you more creative control over your home decor materials. As far as trends go, the colors gray, cream, white and taupe are the most popular these days.

    • Lights in the Kitchen: Lighting is the central aspect to any good design. It can make any space look pleasing to the eye. Since a kitchen needs adequate lighting, multiple layers of light are commonly placed in the room to suit both functional purposes and design elements. Decorative fixtures, recessed lighting, toe kicks and overhangs are also among the trend.

      Lights in the Kitchen
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    • Better Storage Solutions: Disorganization is one of the biggest problems with kitchen storage. Cabinets, shelves, and drawers shouldn’t have any unused space and should be able to accommodate from smallest to largest things. That’s why in 2018, unique cabinets and storage became one of the most significant trends.

      Better Storage Solutions
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      With a wide range of new kitchen storage options, homeowners in corporated better storage systems into their home decor ideas including appliance garages, drawer organizers for spices, cutlery, knives, cooking utensil; as well as drawer dividers for utensils and pull-out wastebaskets, pantries, and trays.

      Being able to store equipment and food in the kitchen would lessen frustrations and challenges while making cooking fun.

    • The Color Gray: While white is still proven to be the classic favorite color in the kitchen for 2018, the color gray is starting to catch up and could replace white as the favorite in the following year. Numerous homeowners are already getting tired of white kitchens and are now choosing gray for their cabinet colors.

      Gray is often associated with dullness and boredom,but with the proper combination, you’ll be able to see how fabulous your kitchen decorations could be. Unlike the fresh and clean look the color white brings to the kitchen place, the color gray brings a feeling of chic, mature, and luxurious.

    • Two-Toned Cabinets: As the name implies, two-toned cabinets refer to a combination of two colors painted on cabinetry to appear more stylish. Since color is creeping back into kitchens for 2018, the two-toned look is beginning to pique a lot of interest.

      The reason why this is becoming more popular is that two-toned cabinetry keeps a kitchen from looking too flat and sterile. It turns the kitchen into a more attractive room that not only creates a great visual impact but also turns it into a comfortable place to spend time in.

      If you’re considering following the trend for your home decor ideas, remember that they should have some coordinating element. You should add a few details that would show that they belong together especially when including two distinct hues in the same space.

While kitchen trends are a great inspiration and a helpful guideline to follow, in the end how your kitchen would look like would depend on you. Your kitchen wouldn’t feel spectacular without your own input. Don’t be afraid to break from the norm and follow your own instincts. Design your kitchen to your liking by adjusting your decorations to your own taste and preferences.

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