Top 5 Creative Design Tips For Small Bathrooms


Are you struggling every day dealing with the same small spaced bathroom? From suffocating aura to the minimal room for movement, everything sinks. Well, that is true. We can actually understand it very deeply and have decided to solve your problem for forever. Yes, you heard it right.

Creative-Design-Tips-For-Small-Bathrooms - Home-Decor-Ideas

Creative Design Tips For Small Bathrooms – Home Decor Ideas

From expert designers to marvelous decorators, we have worked with all and have chalked out the 5 Best design tips for renewing your small bathrooms and gifting you an altogether new version of your space. All of these tips are well researched and are perfectly explained in detail for you below with a strong hope that your life will definitely change –

    1. Lighten Up The Walls – Hold on, we are not talking about the candles and the lamps here. The foremost step in modifying your small bathroom for an exceptionally cool and new look is to ease out the walls. Strip off everything from the walls that hangs. Yes, clean and clear walls with only mandatory hangings are required. From towel bar to decorative shelves, toilet paper holders to magazine racks, everything should be removed. You must be wondering where you will place the big stuff. Have you ever thought of imbibing a towel bar behind the door? You can even have hooks on the door. This will not only reduce the unnecessary space coverage but will give you abundant space to feel the air in the rest room.

      Lighten Up The Walls – Home Decor Ideas

    2. Playing With The Ceiling – It is no doubt that the ceiling of a small bathroom plays a key role in displaying the most vibrant side of the place. Both cases are possible – either you have a tall ceiling or a short one. You will feel glad that we have solutions for both. In case, your bathroom has a tall ceiling, you can paint it out beautifully to grab the attention. Ceiling with a sky blue color and variant clouds pattern is one of the possibilities. For smaller ceilings, different designs tricks and tactics can be applied. From lighting effect to visual one, anything is good. Cove lighting or wall sconces are often used for ceilings to create an enhancement in the remaining space of the bathroom. It is a very efficient technique of giving an illusion of more space even to the tightly cornered areas. If your bathroom is too small to afford the ceiling light, you can even opt to illuminate a single wall. This will actually create a room for more creativity.

      Playing With The Ceiling – Home Decor Ideas

    3. Transform Your Showers – Undoubtedly, bathing is the simplest relaxant. It is a great stress buster. Majority of us, shower at least twice in a day. Do you know why? Reason being, shower actually boosts us for a long difficult day ahead and soothes us in the evening. However, this is possible only when right amount of water drains out of the shower and that too as per our mood. But, this is not the case with traditional showers. They act as the water outlets only not as the soothers. Not to worry, we have found out a reason for your smile. Yes, we are talking about the shower panel systems and most recommended rain shower heads. They are formally called as the bathing cosmetics. Shower panel systems and rain water heads are the revolutions in the tools for bathing systems.

      Transform Your Showers – Home Decor Ideas

      • Shower Panel Systems offer a great deal of bathing experience which includes a high level functionality combined with spa like environment. What more can you expect from a shower which will lead you to a spa in your own small bathroom? With an affordable range of budget and multiple variations, Shower panel systems are the compact bathing accessories widely available in the market today. With a number of controls over the panel, the temperature of the water can be controlled too. The thermostat of the Shower panel systems is recognized as one of the best control systems in the world. Shower panel systems offer different modes for bathing such as Rainfall shower, horizontal shower, hot shower and even handheld showering too.

      • Rain Shower Heads are the perfect kits to experience rainfall in your own bathroom space. No wonder that we human beings love rain. The heart touching vibrations and sensations generated in the body while standing in the rain are par words. An unexplainable feeling it is. What if you get the same expression without going out and wet with clothes? Obviously, great. Yes, certainly rain shower heads are the magical accessories making it possible for you. From pulsating rain shower i.e. exclusively a spa feeling to drenching rain shower for a sharp rainfall gesture and moreover a soft water saving shower mode is available in Rain shower heads. The uniqueness of the rain shower heads can be concluded from the fact that their technical settings drain water in the form of real raindrops.

    4. Installing New Accessories – If you really want to explore your own bathroom space in an exciting way, consider installing brand new accessories or adjusting the old ones. Try to include a transparent glass shower door in your bathroom. It will not only give a glimpse of more space, in addition, will provide more room for arm movement while bathing. Build storage boxes below the sink or the vanity and at the corners. This will save a lot of precious space and more can be efficiently used. One additional way to do space saving is by installing small vanity sets and jacketed mirrors. They help in storing a lot of things in a hidden manner. You may see a flat mirror but with huge storage space at the back end. The ground construction holds a lot of importance too. Tiles give an al-together different aspect to your restroom area. It is often suggested to use tiles in a diagonal manner in your favorite place and preferably big tiles make the most of it.

      Installing New Accessories – Home Decor Ideas

    5. Rich Color Palette Scheme – You must have observed it yourself too, that too much coloring in a small space creates distortion and disturbance. It majorly affects our mind by blurring the vision and by creating a restless feeling. The more peaceful the color pattern in the bathroom will be, the more relaxing it appears to us. The color palate is an eye appealing feature of a bathroom. It is advisable to use light and soothing colors. To make it your way, use only two colors. Avoid a mixture of colors in order to design a masterpiece out of a small and compact bathroom. If you are possessive about applying wall papers and rainbow sheets in your washroom, better choose the most simple and abstract patterns. It will automatically groom your bathroom for a furnished and highly artistic design class.

      Rich Color Palette Scheme – Home Decor Ideas

Ultimately, we can say that before you create an out of the world fantasy, THINK WITHIN THE BOX and choose wisely to obtain a standardized designer look for your small spaced cozy bathroom.

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