Tips and Tricks to Decorate your Dream Bedroom

Decorate your Dream Bedroom - Home Decor Ideas

The bedroom is often the forgotten room in every house, as you don’t really look at it, especially from a designing standpoint. But, this shouldn’t be the case, as it’s your refuge, your most personal space where you can relax whilst ponder over life. Not to mention, it also reflects your choices, tastes and who you are as a person.

So, when it comes to designing your space, every choice made by you must make you feel truly at ease. Yes, we do understand that the designing world is very big and making the right choice can get a bit overwhelming.

Decorate your Dream Bedroom - Home Decor Ideas

But, you need to bear in mind that cramping your bedroom with too many things in the name of designing can make you feel claustrophobic. Therefore, strategically style it because that way you’ll transform a snug bedroom into a soothing retreat.

Here are some gorgeous tricks for everyone to steal. These cosy escapes will surely provide you with much needed inspiration in choosing just the right design and make you want to bliss out on all your bedding.

  • Go bold with patterns: Looking for strong colour and a bold pattern for your bedroom? If you are then its important to see to it that you’re sticking to a limited palette and using from two or three of your favourite colours. Similarly, opt for a limited range of patterns as well. For instance, you can make use of harlequin wallpaper with similar shaped patterns on chairs, bench and throw pillows. You can even add a transparent headboard to your bed, as it adds style without blocking the view.

  • Go for a Honeycomb Accent Wall: For your bedroom’s accent wall you can opt for an amazing honeycomb wall, not just for your little girl’s room but for any bedroom, but this depends upon the colour that you’ll choose. You can even picture blue, gray or brown in your master bedroom, or opt for earthy tones in the guest room. No matter what colour scheme you choose, the secret to great design is always in laying out a wooden honeycomb pattern before you pick up the paintbrush. To complement your accent wall, you can pair them with pompoms, as they add a fun touch to the blanket.

  • Colour your world with high contrast: Do not be afraid to decorate your bedroom with bold, contrasting colour schemes. You can control the look of your room by opting for neutral colours on the floor and walls. For instance you can use bright orange and turquoise colours and maybe pair with a strong statement of black and white checked bed. You could perhaps balance this colour scheme with a taupe and white colour on the walls and floor. In order to style your bedroom even further, you can incorporate spectacular ceiling fixtures.

  • For headboard alternative opt for gallery wall: Who says traditional headboards are the only option for your bedroom? Instead, you can consider a gallery wall composed of your favourite family photographs, paintings and kids’ artwork or for that matter you can even use fabric scraps. Expert tip: Always plan your gallery wall on paper before you pick up the hammer.

  • Grow green: Every bedroom deserves at least one houseplant. Not only do they help in purifying the air, but also lend a serene, positive vibe in the room. There are several houseplants, which are easy to grow. So, even if you’ve got a brown thumb, you’ll surely find success. If you’re using a houseplant just make sure that you keep the curtains open every day, to ensure that the plant is receiving enough sunlight.

  • Colour the room using bright red walls: When you stuff your bedroom with traditional furniture it can be a snooze, but not if you’re lighting up the walls with bright colour. The secret behind keeping this look under your control is by sticking with big stretches of white or some other light neutral colour on the floors, ceilings and bedding.

  • Repurpose that old nightstand: Rather than the expected, why not forego your traditional nightstand and replace it for something else? You’ve got several possibilities, such as antique chair, old suitcases, wooden barrel, ceramic garden stool, bass drum or small ladder. Here, the only limit is on your imagination!

  • Warm up the floor: Why not give your bare feet a treat during cold winter mornings with the help of a thick, faux fur rug? It is one of the easiest ways to pamper yourself, whilst adding some hefty dose of amazing texture to the room. You can even install underfloor heating systems (UFH) in order to evenly heat up the room. Expert tip: Whilst installing the UFH system, ensure that the right floor screed is being used to give it a smooth finish.

  • Go for area rugs: When you’re choosing an area rug for your bedroom, make sure that you’re looking for a rug, which is large enough to fit the entire bed including the nightstand. Also, see to it that at least a foot of the rug extends out in every direction. For example, you can use an oriental rug, as it is classic enough to complement each and every bedroom style.

  • Make your bed cosy: It is always difficult to beat the appeal of a cosy, comfortable bed during cold winter nights. So, why not make your bed an ultimate retreat by using heaps of throw pillows with a variety of textures. You can add some extra warmth by using at least one or two thick pillows and later on finish the scene with a touch of nubby toss blanket so as to have warm, toasty feet. Soft neutrals can be the best if you’re looking for a warm and wintery feel.

  • For your ceiling use beautiful chandeliers: Want to give an immediate touch of Hollywood glamour to your bedroom? All you need to do is hand a small chandelier over the bed. Be it a traditional design or a more modern style, you’re sure to achieve the same end result- that is pure glamour.

    For your ceiling use beautiful chandeliers - Home Decor Ideas

  • Go for the perfect mix: Wondering how you can mix and match patterns with the help of your throw pillow? It is very easy to create a harmonious blend of patterns. All you have to do is ensure that at least one or two colours are the same on every pillow. As long as you follow this general guideline, you’ll for sure combine patterns to your heart’s content. Along with patterns and colours, see to it that you’re choosing a throw pillow with different embellishments and trims.

  • Update the furniture with a stencil: So, do you have a nightstand, headboard or dresser that is serviceable but ho-hum? No, you don’t have to replace it. All you have to do is just head to a local craft store and select a simple stencil, which can complement your room’s theme. Stencilling is not rocket science and takes far less time in comparison to repainting the entire piece. Voila, now your furniture has a whole new look. Remember, you need to lift off the stencil before the paint has completely dried in order to prevent damages to the final finish.

  • French country decorating style: French country can be an enduring theme, and of course, for good reason. It is simple, yet elegant. It is colourful, but isn’t brash. Likewise, it has an ageless warmth, but doesn’t give a cloying or dramatic feel. With this bedroom theme you can highlight all the essentials, such as a warm palette of gold and cream colour, heaps of cosy texture and fabric, several patterns, comfortable fabrics, distressed wood and above all, a heart for country living, wherever that country is. You can even make use of toile and checks as they’re typical French country patterns.

  • Fun accessories: Decorative accessories play a similar role in the interior design world as jewellery in a fashion world. They tend to add a touch of style, personality or colour to your bedroom. Accessories are also the best way to instil a little fun or whimsy to the room decor. After all, bedroom is a place that has to shine and stand out from other rooms.

  • Statement headboard: Looking to add a shot of strong pattern to your bedroom, but fear ending up with a room that’s too stimulating? Then why don’t you limit the pattern to just your headboard? You can add a bold design at the head of your bed balancing it with solid bedding. This way, you’re adding a touch of drama to it without sacrificing on serenity. You could opt for a palette of gray, white and yellow as it can hit the sweet spot every time.

  • Colour the room white, red and blue: Whilst white balances the palette beautifully, fiery red is cooled by blue. Of course, this has a little patriotic flair, however, the biggest reason why red, blue and white is considered as a decorating classic is because these colours complement each other very well. Whilst this trio is a typical country colour scheme, it blends perfectly with other themes, such as Scandinavian, coastal and contemporary design as well.

  • Go rustic: Want a simple yet warm and inviting vibe along with a sense of history? Then rustic is all that you need. Defined by rough hewn surface, weathered wood and an overall look of imperfection, rustic look is as extensive as an entire furniture set or a few accents all over your bedroom. No matter how far you choose to take it, it is always an amazing way to bring in style to your room. You can even make your own rustic decor with the help of shells, twigs and other natural elements.

  • Add cabinets: Who said cabinets with doors are only meant for kitchens? If you have a tiny bedroom, you could perhaps add them for extra storage. But, whilst you’re choosing one bear in mind that the cabinet isn’t breaking the serenity of your bedroom. Likewise, paint them with same colour as the room’s walls, that way they can blend in seamlessly.

  • Paint your bedroom ceiling: When it comes to decorating your bedroom, ceilings are often overlooked. But, when you add a little ‘wow’ factor to them they’ll pay off in spades, especially when you’re looking for a decorative impact. You can add wavelike effects to it by simply painting obvious brush strokes with thick paint. However, you can also opt for other ways to dress up the ceiling, such as dots, stripes, zigzags, murals, and graffiti, to name a few.

  • Light it right: Even the finest bedroom furniture and bedding can lose some of its shine if they’re illuminated by some dreary ceiling fixture. One of the best ways to bring the room out of doldrums and its glory back is by fitting a brand new light fixture. Opt for an attractive pendant, a semi-flush drum shade or a small chandelier to give your bedroom a trendy look.

  • Add initials as artwork: This can be an adorable and romantic way to add some personality to your bedroom. You can simply hang painted wooden initials of you and your partner over your bed. Or make use of letters so as to spell out either your last name or a short phrase or your favourite word. You can easily find wooden shapes and letters in any craft store.

    The truth is, great design does not necessarily have to mean a space, which is expensive to build and overly complex. Instead, a space that functions better, is more efficient, costs less to build and easy to maintain, is what defines an outstanding example of great design.

    By giving these decorating tips and tricks a shot, you’ll definitely have an interesting journey designing your bedroom the way you want to. Also, as a homeowner you’re bound to achieve the best end results- that is a bedroom that’s not just cosy, but also looks stunning.

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