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Study room is an integral part of lives of kids and even adults. As they spend time in here scrutinizing a mathematical problem or a real life business project. Study den is an essential element for any age group working or studying. You don’t stop studying or reading in your life. You must have seen your grandfather reading books quite often. The reason is quite simple – learning is a dynamic process and there’s a need for everyone to keep themselves updated with latest developments in the concerned fields along with general happenings in the world. Study room sounds serious and disciplined and it should be, but above all it should feel positive, vivid and encouraging. Thus, planning a study den might seem a little too ambitious thought. Well not here at least!!!

Study room

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Who would have thought designing a study room for your kid could turn out to be a playful and interesting escapade!!? A room that is comfortable and at the same time enlightening to keep your child focused is the sole purpose of a study room. All work and no play is never fruitful and does not give the desired results. There should be a balance between both. And hence, study room should be designed keeping in mind both the parts – work & play.

For a study room to feel positive, ornate it using colors that emit optimism quite blatantly. Avoid using the dreary conventional furniture or dull colors on the walls. Rather use bright colors that make the room come alive and compliment it with modern furniture and accessorize it innovatively. Another important aspect should be storage capacity. As children grow, move from 4th grade to 8th grade (for example), the responsibilities and pressure to ace in subjects increase exponentially. They need space to store books, projects, reads, files, novels, and other readings related to their hobbies or school or their favorite subject. Buying study table with a good storage capacity is suggested. If not, make an open rack or shelves for an easy access to the readings. A desk with comfortable seating is also vital for an interesting and focused learning.

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Today’s generation is addicted to technology, be is laptops or desktops or ipads or tablets or mobile phones. And they rely on these devices to have insights about the domain subject. They have a project submission next week, or bracing themselves for a quiz, they look upto Google for help and spend a lot of time with the electronic gadgets. The idea is to make a study desk that can accommodate the required gadget comfortably. Light also plays an important part in study den. Make sure there is enough light at the right angles to facilitate proper and hassle free reading and flow of other work. Having a window or two in the room is more than ideal.

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Another vital part in designing study room for your children is to keep them involved, make them feel wanted in its making. Ask for their suggestions; let them give it a part of their personality because after all it is their space. So give them a freedom to design it in a way that reflects their identity in making.

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