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Kitchen Sunny Leone House Interior

Bollywood celebrities become our idol. Be it the classic celebrities like Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan or all-time favorite Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan or new talents like Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh or Siddharth Malhotra. We like to have a sneak preview of their home decor ideas, their lavish lifestyle and plush way of living. Bollywood has always been welcoming and even the actors from other countries have been supported by the Indian glamour world. Be it Katrina Kaif or Jacquline Fernandes or Sunny Leone or Fawad Khan amongst others has made a special place in Bollywood. And consequently like previous weeks, today we are back with celebrity house interior design ideas.

Celebrity House Interior Ideas Sunny Leone House Interior IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Any guesses about celebrity house interior we are going to discuss today!! Well, let us give you a hint. This celebrity belongs to a different country and was criticized a lot initially because of her history. Hope we made it easier for you now. Yes, we are talking about none another than bold, beautiful and intelligent Sunny Leone. Her smart acting skills, genuine soul, courage and of course hard work has made her an established name in Bollywood. We have spotted some of the lavish celebrity house interior design ideas and when we saw home interiors of Sunny Leone, we were in awe of how simple her lifestyle is. Today we are going to discuss home decor ideas of different spaces of Sunny Leone’s residence.

  • Kitchen: like the kitchen of an upper-middle-class family, Sunny’s kitchen too has a very humble feel to it. Cleary they haven’t spent lavishly on home decor ideas; just have basic necessities around them. Have a look at her kitchen in the image below. Quite an ordinary kitchen with all the required gadgets and kitchenware at her disposal. At the time it does amaze us, how a few celebrities opt for a normal and quite a regular living and surprise us with the modest and meek vibes they give to their respective homes.

    Kitchen Sunny Leone House InteriorImage Source: Google Images

  • Area For Footwears: well when we got to view her closet to keep her footwear, we got an idea about her shopaholic streak and her fine taste in fashion. The way closet is designed to accommodate her number of footwears is commendable. Shelving and movable closet makes it easy to pick up and keep the footwear back. She has almost all types of shoes suitable for any and every occasion. One can find boots, formal shoes, stilettos, glittery sandal, pumps and gym shoes as well.

    Area For Footwears Sunny Leone House InteriorImage Source: Google Images

  • The Ultimate Wardrobe: one of finest celebrity house interior design ideas, Sunny’s wardrobe is every girl’s dream. A sliding door which opens to give a jaw-dropping collection of her clothes!! A number of drawers to keep her jewelry, accessories, make –up and other stuff is also quite well though. One section of the wardrobe is for lowers be it jeans or skirts or pajamas or gym pants and another section has all the tops and one piece. Quite interesting celebrity house interior!!

    The Ultimate Wardrobe Sunny Leone House InteriorImage Source: Google Images

Hope enjoyed the home decor ideas for the residence of Sunny Leone. We will get back with more celebrity house interior design ideas next week.

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