Small Kitchen Design 2020: Techniques, Tips, Mistakes, and Features

Make Kitchen Cabinets Go to the Ceiling

We offer you valuable tips for decorating a small kitchen and proper space distribution, as well as design mistakes that should not be repeated. Find more information in this complete guide on designing and creating a practical kitchen interior.

Small Kitchen Design
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How to organize a small kitchen? If you have a small kitchen and plan renovations, it is better to learn the essential tips and nuances to create the most comfortable space. It will be necessary to use all the possibilities to create a cozy and ergonomic room, and there are many ways to improve a small kitchen’s interior. This article will tell you the basic techniques and give you relevant kitchen interior decoration ideas.

We will give essential tips for those who are renovating a small kitchen. Consider them to create a comfortable space.

Make Kitchen Cabinets Go to the Ceiling

There is no doubt that lifting cabinets to the ceiling are the right decision when designing a small kitchen’s interior. Even if you do not reach the upper shelves, you can always place there things that you do not often use. Also, you can hide the exhaust pipe and other practical stuff on the upper shelves.

Due to their small size, the shelves hung from the ceiling will not look like “attached boxes”. With the right approach, you get a modern small kitchen.

Make Kitchen Cabinets Go to the Ceiling
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You can choose the size of the upper cabinets yourself – the planning decisions are yours. You can make tall shelves and store something heavy on them, or divide the cabinets into small sections and place utensils that you don’t use often.

An excellent small kitchen idea on a budget is not to make handles on top cabinets. You can simply make ledges at the bottom of the doors and open the cabinets in a simple way.

Don’t Overdo it with Colors

When renovating a small kitchen, be sure to pay attention to the colors – there mustn’t be too many of them. Since the area is small, space can be saturated easily. It will be great to choose one faded background color and one color that creates contrast.

Often the style of a small kitchen is designed in some light, closer to white colors. It allows you to create a visually larger space; there is a feeling that a small kitchen becomes several feet larger.

If you use color inserts, don’t overdo it. As a rule, the kitchen always has utensils of different colors: pans, pots, cups. They create contrasts and may well be enough. A great option is to pick up a white interior with wooden inserts.

Do Not Use Too Many Accessories

For a kitchen in a small apartment, you do not need to buy additional accessories – otherwise, you will lumber up space. You can rely on the following circumstance: what functions does this or that thing perform? If it is needed only to make the interior more beautiful, it is better to get rid of it.

The design of a small kitchen can be complete without it. Use built-in appliances, the necessary utensils, furniture to decorate the space.

Do Not Use Too Many Accessories
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Search for the photo of small kitchen interiors – are there extra things on them? Are the shelves overloaded with knickknacks? Of course not. If you follow the space’s style, it is worth giving up the refrigerator completely covered with magnets or “beautiful” bottles lined up on the upper shelves. All this is superfluous.

Tips for Using Countertops

If you have a countertop or a small kitchen with a bar, it is important to use the room space as competently as possible. The fact is that in a small room, instead of the triangle rule, another rule is used: the countertop is the center of the room. It should be as unloaded with unnecessary things as possible.

A great solution to save space is to hang special fasteners on the apron for storing things. There you can put utensils for washing dishes, commonly used cooking utensils and other small items. Of course, this will affect the kitchen apron’s design – things put on the top must not negatively affect the overall atmosphere of a small kitchen.

Choosing Furniture and Appliances

It is important to select a design for a small apartment with special furniture and small kitchen appliances. Such solutions may cost money – but this is the only way to make the kitchen in a small apartment comfortable.

When designing a room, you will need to choose the size of the furniture so that the protruding corners do not take up unnecessary space. However, you need to pay more for individual orders. Alternatively, you can search for equipment yourself. You can probably find a kitchen of the right size at your nearest store. But more often – such a style will require additional expenses.

Another kitchen decoration idea is to choose furniture for the size of the equipment. View some photos of small kitchens with refrigerators to find the right solution. But there can be problems with the hood if you arrange the equipment in the small kitchen cabinets – check that everything is designed safely.

Choosing Furniture and Appliances
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How to place a kitchen hood? If you have a small kitchen, the design should implement a qualified installation of the hood – otherwise, it will take up too much extra space. If you think a built-in hood is expensive, get rid of this illusion. It is often even cheaper to build in a hood – and for the style of a small kitchen, such a solution will be excellent.

If you have an external hood, then the extra space around the pipe is difficult to use. And in the built-in version, shelves for small things can be placed there.


All our tips for designing a small kitchen are important to consider. But first of all, still rely on your taste – after all, this is for you to live in your kitchen, and not for someone else. Of course, it is perfect to talk to a professional designer – this way you will avoid major problems in planning, choosing furniture and colors.

Do you have some other small kitchen decor ideas? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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