Refreshing home decor ideas for a practical garden!


Let us begin with a beautiful quote written by Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just ask them to plant a garden. Garden are marvelous and pure joy. Blessed is the house, upon whose walls, the shade of an old tree, softly falls. How lovely is the silence of growing things? If you too are one among those who have a great interest in maintaining a garden at your place, today we have got for you some refreshing home decor ideas for making a practical garden.


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Gardens sure are great to look at, but if not done right, can kill the essence of the place. They say the earth laughs in flowers, so why not add some fun and colors to your garden in a more practical, neat and planned way? Keep reading if you seriously wish to give your garden a beautiful makeover. Below we discuss to plant trees, scrubs, vegetables and flowers innovatively. Gone are the days when people used regular pots to plant trees in their gardens. In the below points, you would be surprised a little to know and understand how well can we use our old utensils, appliances, and furniture, etc. for growing plants in them and beautifying the garden. Ready? Let’s get started:

  • An old teapot: Who would have thought you could also use it in your garden, and not for serving tea? But yes, you can. You can either use it to sprinkle water on plants, but that’s too cliche. What’s even better is that you use it for planting. All you need to do is to get an old teapot from your kitchen, that you aren’t using anymore, remove the lid, fill it with soil and plant a seed or a stem of a flower. For more fun, you can paint the teapots in vibrant colors or can also draw creative designs on it.

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  • Drawers and shelves: There’s no limit to creativity. The more you imagine and experiment, the more beautiful the results be. You can creatively reuse your old drawers, which you were otherwise were going to throw away. All you need to do is to get some old drawers, fill them with soil, plants some pretty, fresh flowers, and place them in a synchronized order in your garden. For a more attractive look, you can use a ladder and fix some drawers with the help of a driller and some screws. What say?

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  • Ladders: Add an antique look to your garden by gracing it with an old ladder with paint all over it. Diagonally place the ladder or fix it properly so it does not fall. Now bring in some pots with plants, and place them one on each step. This way you will have more space for plants in a short area and it will look all stunning. With this you sure are going to take creativity a step ahead and get some great remarks from the on-lookers.

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  • Old toys of your kids: If your kids are all grown up, and you have no idea about what do with your kid’s old truck toys, well here’s an idea. Get all the trucks and cars, and every possible toy which have a space to grow a little plant. Get some soil in each of them and plant the flowers. Make sure to not make it heavy enough to break it down. Keep it light and beautiful. Your kids too will be amazed to this creativity, and might also give you a hand. How great would that be?

    Old Toy Plants Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

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