Where to position bed in the bedroom? How to choose bed sheet and pillow?

Bedroom Decor- Home Decor Ideas

Bedroom – if you remove bed from this word, you will be left with just room. All those home interior designers and decoration experts say that every room has a focal point. You can work on every nook and corner of the bedroom to spruce up its appearance and style. You can have a cool dressing table in the bedroom. You can have spacious and marvelous modern wooden almirah. However, none of these is the focal point of a bedroom.

Bedroom - Home Decor Ideas

The bed is the focal point we are talking about. There is a myriad of options available to arrange the bed to amplify this focal point. This eye-catching spot in the bedroom need not to be bigger. The size has the least effect on the style statement of the bedroom. The size does not get the complete attention. The focal point gets the major attention. Even small bed in a small bedroom can look like a luxury one.

Small or large, the bedroom space should be well organized and utilized. Every element in the bedroom should be well dressed. This space has to be the most calming and comfortable place in the room. Same goes for the bed. When you spend one-third of life in the bedroom, it should be lovely, beautiful and comfortable. So, let’s focus back on the focal point. Here are some simple yet effective tips for dressing a comfortable and lovely bed. But before that, find the best spot for positioning the bed.

  • The Right Place for the Bed:

    The Right Place for the Bed - Home Decor Ideas

    In a bedroom, window and the curtain also seize the attention of your guest. So, the bed should be in the front of the window. Color and design of the curtain or blind should perfectly blend into the dressing of the bed. The curtain is must if the window is facing the sun. If there is bathroom attached with the bedroom, you are not going to like gurgling pipes. People usually and rightly prefer bed not visible from the outside when the door is open.

    However, the door should be visible from the bed. Also, keep natural light and movement of air in mind. If you are considering services of an interior designer, he will give you the best advice after considering the size, shape, location and ambience of the bedroom. For example, a big rectangular bedroom is divided into zones. The bed is positioned in one zone and other pieces of the furniture are positioned in other zones. And, when the shape of the room is square then the bed is usually positioned on the central axis.

    Bedroom Decor- Home Decor Ideas

    Now, after knowing the right position of the bed, now it is time to see how you can dress and decorate the bed just as you see in magazines. Don’t make the comfort the only priority. Arrangement and lavish looks also matter. When you are choosing the right sheet, cover, cushion and pillow, you can arrange a positively irresistible looking bed just as you see in hotels. It is the bedding that does the magic. So, let’s see how you can dress an ultra-plush and magical bed.

  • Bed Sheet:

    Bed Sheet - Home Decor Ideas

    When you are choosing the bed sheet, use thread count as a barometer. The durability and smoothness of the sheet depend on the thread count. Thread count i.e. threads woven per inch of the fabric matters but not always. The fiber dominates when it comes to the quality. Cotton and silk are soft, strong and durable. However, a blend of cotton and polyester can also be a smart choice as it can easily endure frequent washing. It is soft, cozy and also feel great. The blend should 90/10.

    When the percentage of synthetic goes above 30% the sheet does not feel great anymore. And, this blend will make you sweat. Then comes the aesthetic of the bed sheet. Plains or prints, it is your choice. Both plain and printed bed sheets work well with printed blankets and pillows. Choose color, design and print that suits your taste perfectly and coordinate your bedding.

  • Pillow:

    Pillow - Home Decor Ideas

    When your pillow does not keep your neck and spine aligned, it can cause nerve pain, muscle stiffness and other problems. Before buying a new pillow, you certainly want to know whether you need one or not. A textile analyst gives a simple trick. Fold the pillow in half. Now, place a book on it. There is no need to replace pillow if it springs back. And, if it doesn’t, replace it.

    Pillows for home - Home Decor Ideas

    Only the cover of a pillow gets noticed unless your head rests on it. Plain or printed, the choice is yours. Color, design and pattern, once again it is your personal choice. Just make sure that pillow looks great. The pillow with synthetic fill and pillow with feather and down, both are inexpensive. And, both feel soft. Make sure that the outer fabric is well woven. Fibers and feathers do not poke out when the pillow is tightly woven.

    The selection of the pillow also depends on the way you sleep. If you are a side sleeper then buy a thicker pillow. The thinner pillow is right for you if you are a stomach sleeper. And, if you sleep on back, the pillow should be somewhere between thicker and thinner. A comfortable pillow offers supportive resistance. Remember, your spine should be aligned in a neutral position. A pillow with decorative accent is a great addition to the beauty of the bed and the bedroom. It is said that a decorative pillow finishes the final looks. Just make sure that it coordinates bedroom color scheme. You need not do much hard work to find a decorative pillow online. Online stores like Alesouk offer you various options for buying decorative pillows such as IKAT pillows, Suzani pillows, Velvet IKAT pillows, Lumbar pillows and Bolster pillows.

    Oriental rugs - Home Decor Ideas

    Apart from pillows, you can add many other elements of beauty to decorate your bedroom and other living areas in your house. Handmade wall art, carpets, oriental rugs such as afghan rugs, Persian rugs, Turkmen rugs, Turkish rugs and Kilim rugs, Sizani embroidery and there are many other home decors available at pocket friendly prices. Explore the latest online collection and decorate your dream bedroom.

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