Pep Up Your Kitchen With Modern Counter And Bar Stools

Modern Counter And Bar Stools

Kitchen décor is our all time favorite topic and we can go on and on about how one can spruce it up and make it look glamorous and comfortable. In our previous blogs we have timely discussed about ideas and inspirations to remodel the kitchen, how one can make a dream kitchen without having to spend too much on the same. Kitchen is the only area of home which requires an update quite frequently. And let us tell you, small changes can make the most difference if planned thoughtfully and need not be a burden on your pockets.

Modern Counter And Bar Stools

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It is Christmas time, the time of the year when we get together with family and friends, exchange conversations, banters over some good food and fine wine. We absolutely love the concept of Christmas celebrations. And the star of the home apart from the Christmas tree is definitely the Kitchen and of course the living room. While your living room doesn’t require to be worked too much, just a simple cleaning and you are all set to go. The kitchen requires special attention. We are sure the ladies would agree!! We know the entire festivity, exchanging gifts is going to be bit on the heavier side on your pocket; we definitely don’t suggest you to get rid of old clutter and totally refurbish your kitchen. However, additions of small element that not only will give a fresh look to the kitchen but will also help you accommodate a few more folks.

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Today we are going to discuss about counter or bar stools which the island of your kitchen can certainly have a room for. You very well know that searching for graceful, comfortable and affordable stools online is a task, especially because you can’t physically measure its dimensions and are doubtful about the quality and finesse. In order to help you out to have the best stools for your kitchen, we have few basics that you must be aware of before making a decision of buying them this Christmas.

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Let’s get into the basic rules when one talks about bar stools v/s counter stools. Bar stools as you can guess or have already guessed got their name from bar. The basic characteristic of a bar stool is they are higher than a typical kitchen counter or platform. So the pre-requisite or rather homework is to measure the length of kitchen countertop and island before going clueless when you are actually at the store looking for stools. However, bar stools work pretty well if you have built in bars or cocktail table seating in your home (well if you have a cocktail table we would certainly want to invite ourselves over a drink someday).

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Since you are buying stools for Kitchen Island, keep in mind the comfort level as well. We would recommend you to go for stools that have arm or back rest that will help you relax a bit more and won’t make you feel like you are going to fall off.

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Hope these little insights help you buy the most amazing kitchen counter stools.

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