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With interiors of home being chic and updated with latest trends in terms of designs and décor, we have started to think about outdoor spaces as well. Generally the outdoor areas are neglected and not paid as much attention as the indoor spaces when it comes to styling. However, today we are going to discuss the outdoor spaces, how we can make them more appealing.

People who have an eye for all things decorative and interior designing to be specific, are revamping outdoor spaces into areas that are heavily designed and styled as much as the interiors. The once ignored outdoor spaces like – backyards, terrace, courtyards, and verandas are now considered an addition of indoor spaces and hence people feel these areas also require thoughtful planning and designing in furnishing them.

Outdoor Designs

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We are going to share a quick guide in the coming segment which will certainly help you in making outdoor spaces more attractive and charming and for making a memorable first impression for all the guests and visitors to your home. The most important part of planning the outdoors is to have an idea, an imagination about how you want the outdoor space to look like. This is a pre-requisite and must be sorted and finalized before buying the furniture.

You want the outdoors to accommodate everything or you want to have easy traffic movement and want it to be less cluttered with furniture and other decorative and accessories. And hence, sizing becomes equally important. Does it look too small after placing the furniture, can the outdoor space accommodate a gathering of 8 – 10 people without making it little too cramped up!! Is table chair seating an ideal arrangement or you want to place more comfortable and contemporary settings like – couches, bean bags or coffee table and stool chairs.

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Secondly, the outdoor space shouldn’t feel aloof in terms of colors or designs or decor or themes as ideally outdoor spaces are an extension of homes – indoor spaces to be precise. There must be a connecting link between the outdoors and the indoors. You can plan and carry forward continuity by using similar landscaped or architecture areas or even the style from inside out.  Flawless shift from indoors to outdoors are more calming and soothing.

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Good outdoor planning decides about its longevity. You are investing big bucks in revamping your outdoors; make sure every penny is worth it. While selecting furniture make sure they are strong and durable enough to withstand the harsh and changing weather conditions. After selecting the furniture, start accessorizing the outdoors. The accessories could be as simple as placing potted plants around the seating or just add splashes of color by placing comfy cushions on the sofas or colorful center pieces or linens on the table and other furniture. Or how about having a comfortable swing or a hammock to go with the furniture and the entire outdoor setting!!

outdoor planning

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Above all outdoor spaces should be fun, so enjoy the styling process and make the most of the opportunity.

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