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From an Era of defecating and urinating in open fields to having personal toilets in every room of the home, we surely have come a long way. The credit certainly goes to globalization, westernization, and Swatch Bharat Initiative was taken by Indian Government; the concepts have been a boon when it comes to personal hygiene. Time and again we have heard of stories of struggle of women in rural areas to fulfill their demand for a toilet in the home. We even watched this recent movie – Toilet starring Akshay Kumar & Bhumi Pednekar. The point we want to make is having a well-structured bathroom is a core to Interior Design these days.

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While bathrooms could be basic or highly luxurious on the basis of your spending budget and needs. The basic accessories remain the same and may vary in terms of brands. Today’s blog is about just the essential yet must have bathroom accessories that will serve all your needs and not make this personal space look cluttered.

  • For The Love Of All Things Vintage: We are a big fan of everything vintage. It not only takes you to another era but also brings about elegance and class to any space. For those who have a taste for all things fine, we have classy bathroom decor ideas for a larger than life experience. We feel a combination of color white and black is class apart. For reference see the image below. A bath tub, toilet seat and sink to suit all your needs.

    For The Love Of All Things Vintage Bathroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Going An Extra Mile: wash basin, one of the essential accessories of your bathroom, can also be accessorized with these thoughtful bathroom decoration ideas. See the below image for reference. Making drawers under the wash basin will put this space to maximum use. You can make a room for the under garments, towels, napkins and even toiletries in it. You can even place a small mirror right above the sink and a small stand as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder can be an added advantage.

    Going An Extra Mile Bathroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Small Accessories With Big Impacts: bathroom should be nothing less than a comfortable space. While you have all the big and conspicuous items sorted, you can definitely make a place for small accessories. Having ear buds and cotton (in the form of balls) is a boon, that too when you thoughtfully place it with other toiletries like toothbrush or hand wash or a moisturizer. These miniscule accessories are very important when it comes to personal hygiene. And what better than having this right in front of you. Isn’t that smart!!!

    Small Accessories With Big Impacts Bathroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Rustic Accessories For Posh Life: rustic wooden vanity sets in dark brown hues is all you need to make your alone time a super rich experience. Wood not only looks good on the exterior but is also relatively easy to maintain. You can couple it up with yellow lights or a painting right above the bath tub.

    Rustic Accessories For Posh Life Bathroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope today’s blog did strike the creative nerve in you. Keep following us for interesting home decor ideas. Have a great week ahead!!!

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