Living Room Style Mistakes One Must Avoid At Any Cost

living room

Living room is the most welcoming space of a home. Ideally it should be inviting, comfy, entertaining, engaging, and not to forget stylish. This is the place you host all the crazy parties and formal dinners with friend and folks respectively. It is your dream home and we are sure you would be spending a lot of quality time in researching and planning the perfect interiors for all the rooms. And with so many elements associated to living room designs, one tends to get perplexed and confused about what to choose and what not to.

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Having a comfortable and modish living room doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting or pricey task. Simple tweaks in the interiors (accessories or furniture) can add the required plush and could make a conspicuous difference. There isn’t a guideline to interior designing. No rule book either. It is all about how you visualize your living space. How you wish to see it evolve and give a glimpse of your personality. Guess that’s a pre-requisite to interior designing.

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We did a research, especially for you, about most common style mistakes that one must avoid. After all that’s what we are here for!!

Placement Of Furniture – people believe having furniture close to or sticking to the walls will make the room appear larger. However, in real clinging furniture to the walls make space look smaller. You must place furniture away from walls and let the room breathe.

Placement Of Furniture

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Curtains – this often ignored element can bring the much needed grace to the living room. Consider having a combination of blinds and curtains (of not a heavy fabric). However, for making the living room look luxurious we suggest to opt for curtains made of velvet or silk fabric with beautiful designs that complement the overall décor of the space.

living room look luxurious

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Avoid Too Much Clutter – living room is an ideal place to show your belongings or memorabilia from your travel diaries. One must not forget STORAGE – the key to making any space look tidy. It is advised to have a showcase or cabinets for storage of items of less significance.

Avoid Too Much Clutter

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Lack Of Color – nicely painted walls can immediately steal one’s attention. We have generally observed that people make the walls of living room look bland and not much heed is paid to the interiors. We strongly suggest you to add color to the space. Have a feature wall (artistic or texture paint on one wall), add colorful cushions or sofa covers or even paintings on wall. This will make the living area vibrant and full of life.

Lack Of Color

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Avoid Too Much Matching – while you would want to match the furniture and decorative elements with the wall color for seamless interiors. We want you to go little creative here. Instead of going for a combination of a two or three color, maximize the color palette and choose one base color and plan interiors using a mix of colors around the base color.

furniture and decorative elements

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Hope you found today’s blog fruitful. We would like to hear your living room make over stories.

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