Know the best part about Do It Yourself Projects for your home

Charming Backyard Escape

It is Friday night and the weekend begins!! You must have planned your weekend already. Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat, as you have a lot of catching up to do with friends especially all the gossips at the workplace. And who doesn’t need a break from office and house-hold chores!! I know, you have also been procrastinating a few minor interior tasks simply coz you don’t wish to hire anyone especially during weekends.

How about spending coming weekend at home and make it little interesting with Do It Yourself (DIY) interior projects. Simple DIY projects that won’t take much of your time and give a new look to the area you desire to remodel and also give you a sense of change. We will suggest few easy tricks you can use during weekends and feel good about it in the end.

1. Make Your Entrance Appealing – You can add a few potted plants or a few aerial shoots, play with lights, keep a colorful doormat or just paint the door and see how the entrance of your home looks striking beautiful and more inviting for friends and acquaintances.

Make Your Entrance Appealing

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2. All About Frames – You have ample space on living walls so why not make it artistic with frames. Put frames with family photographs or quotes that you like the most. Make sure the frames are in sync with the over-all themes of your living room.


Photo Frame

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3. Bring Outdoors In – How about inundating your kitchen with positivity?? Yes, we are talking about keeping a small plant (money plant or any other indoor plant) at a window or platform of the kitchen. This simple idea will definitely give a fresh look to your kitchen and instill good vibes around.

4. Charming Backyard Escape – Your garden or backyard becomes the socializing area especially during weekends and get-togethers. You can spruce it up with a swing maybe or even coffee table and chairs and a few hand painted pots. Pretty easy right!!

Charming Backyard Escape

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5. New Pinch – how about buying new set of cushions, sofa covers, or bed sheets or curtains or even towels. Start thinking about the colors and designs already.

6. Wallpapers – No need for days of paint work and with that smell!! How about putting up wallpapers instead. We all know that one can get beautiful finesse digital print wallpapers that even textured paints don’t have. Why not experiment this time!! Yes, putting up wallpaper can be tedious but it is going to be worth it in the end.

7. Hanging Cabinets or Racks – You can make open racks for crockery in the kitchen or hanging cabinet behind the mirror of your bathroom as toiletry storage.

Hanging Cabinets or Racks

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8. Replace Old Appliances – Well this part requires little extra budget, but you can give a fresh look to your kitchen and in turn your home by replacing the old appliances with new ones. How about a new refrigerator or microwave or buying a new juicer.

The best part about Do It Yourself Projects is you can customize it as per your requirements and finish it as and when you want. So what are your plans for the weekend!!!?

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