Interesting Lobby Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Bringing The Outdoors In - Home Decor Ideas

The lobby can be defined as an entranceway or a foyer or a waiting area of a building or office or even a home. The lobby may be a rare sight at homes; however, those who are blessed with big homes can pull off a beautiful lobby. Our work makes us travel a lot and meet all sorts of people to suggest home decor ideas, and we have noticed not many residents have lobbies. However, some of the buildings, offices or even hotels have beautiful lobbies, few of which were artistically and thoughtfully planned. To make it more interesting, lobbies can have a comfortable sofa seating or could be just a place to walk through to go to other rooms.

Lobbies could be grand or simple, could be elegant or sophisticated it all depends on how you want it to be or how you want to blend it with décor of the rest of the rooms of the house. We feel lobby design ideas are interesting as there is a big scope to make it as appealing as possible simply coz not much has been done on lobbies yet. Today, we are going to discuss some attention seeking lobby design ideas for homes which would certainly make you want to create a space for one at your own home.

    • The Vivacious & Colorful Lobby: colors instantly make anything or any area of the house look beautiful. Generally, people restrict the colorful spectrum to their bedrooms, however welcoming guests with a colorful lobby will not only seem impressive but will also look promisingly positive. After all who doesn’t like to be welcomed with a fresh and visually appealing sight!! Instead, 0f making the walls colorful, we suggest placing colorful furniture. Sofa cover that blends with the wall color could be paired with colorful cushion covers. A painting can add to the elegance of the entire set-up. A space for beautiful lamps could be created. And over all lights used could be yellow. How about a rug under the table!! You can even place magazines or novels or newspaper or any other reads to add a tinge of sophistication.

      The Vivacious & Colorful Lobby - Home Decor Ideas
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    • Bringing The Outdoors In: for those who have managed to create a fairly big lobby space, and also want to keep it less when it comes to decorative ideas, we have a great option for you. Less is always more and thus we suggest a posh lobby with minimum furniture or decorative items and more of plants. See below image for reference. You can play with the pot’s design and color to add a little glamour. Keep the furniture simple with sofa and cushions and a table in the center. Use of chandelier could be a smart move.

      Bringing The Outdoors In - Home Decor Ideas
      Image Source: Google Image

    • Small Lobby Decoration: well you don’t have ample space in your lobby, we would definitely not suggest you to have a seating. You can go for smarter ways to make it visually appealing by introducing mirror and tables. An easy, hassle free idea and mirrors will make the lobby appear bigger. See the below image for reference.

      Small Lobby Decoration - Home Decor Ideas
      Image Source: Google Image

Hope today’s blog gave you a different perspective on lobby decoration ideas. We would like to hear your ideas and stories on the same. Don’t forget to write to us.

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