How to save money and improve the warmth of your home this winter?

Draught Proof

The winter months are fully upon us. Each morning arrives with the burden of having to leave to the warmth of the bed and take on the crisp chill pushing itself through any possible nick or cranny in the home.

It’s from this point we take the leap of faith to the thermostat and crank it as high as possible for the house to be as warm as the beaches of Barbados, in a matter of minutes.

How to save money and improve the warmth of your home this winter
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But, while this feels amazing on these winter mornings, it will not feel too great when seen on the monthly energy bills, with this somewhat tiny action accounting for a whopping 70% of household energy bill prices.

Luckily for us, this added increase in bills can be cut down, without having to wear 3 different coats and gloves in the kitchen while making the next cup of tea. Follow these simple steps below on how to heat your house cheap, to save money on the monthly energy bills, and even improve the heat along the way.

  • Keep The Radiators Free :

    Radiators are the best way to heat the home. In fact, they are what releases heat into the home. So, it is questionable as to why people like to cover them up so much. While we know that the heat does release itself from the very top of each radiator, being covered by a piece of furniture like a couch or even clothing, is going to take away from the possible heat that could be being absorbed by the whole room.

    By ensuring that all radiators are completely uncovered, this will allow warm air to circulate around every room. While also reducing the temperature that the heating is placed on high while lowering the amount of time the heating is turned on for. This is because radiators will be uncovered, and the heat will be able to escape instead of being absorbed into your favourite bespoke accent chair.

  • Central Heating Timers :

    Central Heating Timers

    It is recommended by almost every heating company, for homes to adapt to the new, modern way of heating the home, with the use of a timer. Helping to shed a few pounds of the energy bills every month.

    The way in which these works is by setting the heating to turn on and go off at specific times, or when the house reaches a particular temperature. This means that the heating can be programmed to switch on in the early hours of the morning, to ensure the home is warm for the early risers, and go off within a few hours. This takes away the need of having to pay a large amount of money due to turning the heating on to full blast every morning and will allow the house to only be heated when it really needs too, keeping to an average, warm and cosy temperature, without costing a bomb.

  • Draught Proof :

    Draught Proof

    While it may not be the most obvious small slither of air coming through, or you may believe every window is completely secure, it is likely there are areas of the home drawing in that unwanted cold air from the outside. Effecting and counteracting against that much-beloved heating that you desire.

    Whether it is the smallest gaps between the window panes or a miscalculated front door, both of these can let in small bursts of air that over time will become a nuisance when attempting to heat your home.

    Ensure that all spaces are completely secure, this can be done by draught-proofing the home. For example, buying draught tape and placing this along any door or window edges, as well as filling in any wall cracks, no matter how small are recommended starting points.

    From this, any form of draught will be diminished, and the home can begin to save more on heating. With heating being enjoyed and experienced by all, instead of instantly evaporating through small and pesky gaps in the home.

  • Take Advantage Of The Curtains :

    Take Advantage Of The Curtains

    While the regular home routine entails the closing of the curtains at night and opening them once again in the morning, there can be some exceptions made throughout the wintertime.

    It is recommended that you still get up in the morning and draw back the free-falling sheets, open the blinds or curtains. By continuing with your routine, you can allow as much sun as possible to be absorbed into the rooms, as after all, the heat from the sun is free.

    Then, the moment the sun begins to go down, draw the blinds and the curtains back to trap any collected heat. This way, any earlier heat can be contained for longer, between the layers of walls, window and now curtain, keeping the room warm even though it is dark and cold outside.

    This way of naturally heating the home is entirely free of charge, while simply requiring the curtains to be drawn back, allowing as much sun and heat in as possible, ready for a cosy evening of heat.

  • Summary :

    There can be many instant differences seen within the home, from simply changing the current habits, and adapting to a more efficient, cost-friendly way of heating the home. By reducing the amount of energy that is needed to heat the home to a substantial level, you will be able to see a sure cut in monthly energy bills, while also finding that your home is instantly more noticeably warmer.

    To many it will seem that of a myth, no way can you heat the home, for less. But, you in fact can. By following these recommended steps above on how to heat your house cheaply, such as making the most of natural warmth, uncovering the radiators, removing any draughts, costs can be cut, and the house can be warmer than ever.

    The ideas don’t stop there, however. There are so many unique, DIY methods that can be implemented into the home in order to keep it warmer in the winter for less. All discovered by conducting some quick research. What do you think, which of the above methods have you tried for yourself and which will you attempt to use when heating your home this winter? Comment below and share your top money-saving tips to heating your home this winter.

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