Home Improvements for Better Cooling of The Interiors

Cleaning of Air Vents and Filters

With the summers right here the necessity of cooling becomes more necessary. When the heat of the outside gets inside our houses, we need solutions such as air conditioners, better window ventilations or colder lighting, etc to keep the house cool in the summers. Your home can be prepared in many ways which are cost efficient and can help keep it cool even if there is scorch heat outside. Check out the following home improvement recommendations.

Home Improvements for Better Cooling of The Interiors
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  • Choose Cooler Lights for The Home:

    Choose Cooler Lights for The Home
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    The lights and bulbs which produces light for our home also produce heat which affects the overall temperature of the house. Replacing general lights with cooler light can be a smart choice. Incandescent light options such as is the highly popular CFL and LED lights can be great energy efficient selection. These light temperatures emitting lighting options will keep the surrounding cool and save money in the long run. It is predicted that such lights can even reduce eclectic bills by 80%.

  • Opt for Energy Efficient Household Appliances:

    Opt for Energy Efficient Household Appliances
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    The large appliances which we use in our households such as our dishwasher and refrigerator must also be upgraded for keeping the home cool in the summers. Energy efficient models can hence aid to better cooling. A simple alternative to traditional gas stoves can be electric inductions which emit less heat and keep the internal temperature of the house stable as well.

  • Window Replacements:

    Window Replacements
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    Windows are the main source of air as well as heat leaks. Leaks can make the temperature inside the home heated and needs more power to cool it down. As a result, your summer utility bills are always high. Repairing or replacing such windows or using some home improvement such as adding proper curtains, drapes and window glasses can aid in the cooling of the home temperature. Nowadays you can procure energy efficient star rated windows from dealers which can lower energy-related costs to around 15%.

  • Insulation of The Home:

    Insulation of The Home
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    Insulation is another way of keeping the house cool. When cooling the house using insulation undergo the following steps for small households:

    1. Ensure prevention of leakage by insulating the ducts, attics, and walls effectively.

    2. Using rigid foam-based boards, spray foams and other insulating boards like batt insulation the internal temperature of the house can be kept cool.

    3. While renovating a large household and ensuring its cooling as well it is important to choose the right insulating materials. Any material which stores a higher thermal mass will store the heat in them. You can choose brick, cement, and stones to cover those wall areas which is exposed to direct sunlight to keep the interiors cool.

  • Cleaning of Air Vents and Filters:

    Cleaning of Air Vents and Filters
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    At times heat might be also produced due to non-maintenance of the coolers and the air conditioners being used in the house. Regular cleaning of the filter of the coolers and the air vents of the air conditioner leads to removal of dirt and debris. Such kind of servicing and maintenance should be done on a regular basis and you can hire a professional and for the task for maximized efficient in cleaning. All these small steps will together ensure cooling of the home.

  • Cooling Through Ceiling Fans:

    This is perhaps the most suitable and affordable way of cooling the house. It costs much less than air conditioners and is hence widely used all over the world. The warm air touches the ceiling and the cool air occupies the space and is circulated by the fan.

    There are many home outdoor improvement processes other than the above few that can be utilized for cooling homes. Simple steps like planting longer, bushy and shady trees can keep the exterior walls protected from direct scorching rays of the sun. Hence it can considerably keep the home interiors colder.

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