Generator Buying Guide: All You Need to Know Before Buying a Generator

Generator Buying Guide

Buying a generator is not an easy task by any means. People might think it’s a walk in the park, but with so many options available well, it isn’t easy to choose one. If you’re facing the same issues, then don’t worry! Today in this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know before buying a generator. This guide will help you choose the best generator for your budget. So, let’s get started!

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Generator

First, we’ll start with what are the different types of generators.

Types of Generators

Standby generators: It’s one of the most expensive models available. Standby generators kick into power your home’s most crucial circuit when there’s a power cut. A standby generator needs to be professionally installed, but it can easily handle between 10,000 to 15,000 watts to keep most of your appliances at home working.

Portable generators: A portable generator is also known as a camping generator. It is small in size and is available in many fuel options. It has the perfect size for camping, the job site, or for essential power during short-term power cuts.

Portable Diesel Generator

A diesel generator will typically fall into this category and can be filled up quickly alongside your car or any other vehicle. You can read more about these types of generators and their prices from a trusted source. All in all, a portable diesel generator could be the best choice for you if you love camping.

Inverter generators: An inverter generator comes with a specialized microprocessor that regulates electricity for smoother, consistent power output. Inverter generators generally use gas.

Propane generators: Propane generators run cleaner than all the other generators and are perfect when gas is scarce. You can also buy additional propane tanks, they’re available at most hardware stores or gas stations, and you can keep them safe as backup tanks.

Generator Features

Generators come with an array of features that make them more versatile and easy to use. Here’s a list of essential features that you should look for in a generator.

#1 Electric start: In the past, most gas generators used to come with a ripcord to start, but nowadays, modern models may come with an electric start button, so it turns on quickly.

#2 Multiple outlets: Find a generator that comes with numerous outlets, it means you can plug in more than one item and also power them simultaneously.

#3 Fuel gauge: Ensure that the generator you’re choosing to buy comes with a fuel gauge. A fuel gauge comes in very handy as it shows how much fuel is left, so you can quickly check before starting the generator.

Factors to consider before buying a generator

There are two significant factors to consider before going for a generator: wattage and size.

  1. Wattage: Wattage or watts refer to the power available in the circuit while you’re using the generator. It’s essential to get your hands on a generator that can smoothly run all the devices you want without going over your wattage. Refer to the power demands of all the devices you’re going to use. And it’s always good to go for a little more wattage than you actually require.

  2. Size: It’s quite apparent that a large generator will run for a more extended period, will provide more power and have more premium features. Well, they’re also quite expensive and difficult to transport. Consider larger generator models for industrial use and portable generators as power sources while working from home or camping.

What to consider before buying a generator?

Why do you need a generator?

The first very essential thing that you need to consider is why you need a generator. Do you need a generator for industrial use, or do you need it for home use? Well, you need to know what is the primary purpose of buying a generator. If you’re looking for a generator for industrial use, we suggest you go with a large industrial generator.

If you’re looking to buy it for your home, then you can go for residential generators. These generators are not as powerful as industrial generators but are good enough to power your house. If you’re looking for a generator for camping, you should go for a portable generator.

How much wattage do you need?

How much wattage do you need

Wattage is another thing that you should consider before getting your hands on a generator. To know how much wattage you require, make the list of appliances that you’re going to use on the generator. Once you create the list, then check the wattage needed to run the devices and add them up. By following this method, you’ll get an idea of how much wattage generator you need. And also, experts suggest going for a generator with a little extra wattage than you actually require, just in case.

What is your Budget?

Well, the budget is the most important thing you need to consider. You need to have a budget before you go shopping for a generator. Having a budget will help you narrow down your choices and make sure you buy the best generator within your budget.

Always go for a Trusted Brand.

Always go for a Trusted Brand

Whenever you’re looking to buy a generator, make sure that you buy it from a trusted brand and seller. Nowadays, you’ll find several manufacturers and sellers, but not all are good. So before purchasing a generator, do your research, check for product rating, a company rating, or company reviews. This will give you an idea of how good generators a particular company manufactures. Also, do check their after-sales services; this will give you an idea of how well a company treats its customers.

Final Word

By now you must have a stern knowledge about what you must consider and what you can avoid when buying a generator. So, whenever you’re going to buy a generator, make sure it comes with all the essential features and ensure it’s from a trusted brand.

Have a happy time shopping!

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