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All the aspiring parents are eagerly looking forward to welcome the new family member in their homes and lives. They obviously can’t fathom the happiness of being parents. Every soon to be parents have hidden aspirations when it comes to their baby, about how they are going to welcome him/her, how they are going to decorate the nursery. And thus, spend a lot of time thinking about planning the kids’ room. And when it comes to kids’ room all one could think about is boring, monotonous and mundane shades like pink color for baby girl and blue color for baby boy. These colors are undoubtedly good, however have you thought of not playing safe and designing home nursery with colors other than pink and blue!! Today, shops and interiors designers have an array of options to break the tradition. They are offering bed linens, furnishing, and accessories that are gender neutral and still look appealing to the sense of vision.


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We are sure that planning and decorating nurseries is exciting and possibly the favorite thing to do. And we have few ideas and inspirations to create nursery that is vibrant, colorful, playful and easily adaptable.

1.    The Color Palette – as suggested, it is about time to experiment. Do not follow the convention and seek for change. Going for shades of grey and white and neutral colors can be chosen to start with. These colors are gender neutral and also have scope and room for transformation in future. Also, neutral colors can undoubtedly leave a lot of scope for personal touch when the baby arrives.


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2.    Patterns & Colors – don’t be afraid to use wallpapers on the walls. Wallpapers can actually brighten up a room. Adding wallpapers or a dark or bold hue on ceiling can actually add to the depth of the room. And do not forget that kids like patterns. Having cartoon characters or animated flora and fauna designs on wallpapers will certainly add to the vigor of the room.


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3.    Lights – these are integral to the designing of any room. And you would agree that lights can change the look of an entire room. Well planned and thoroughly thought of placement of lights can brighten up even the simplistic room deigns. However, while planning lights in nursery you must take good care of an important point and that is avoid bright light. Use dull yellow light. The new born is getting acquainted to the surroundings and thus exposure to bright light isn’t advisable.


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4.    Avoid Clutter – well it’s your baby and you do wish to buy almost everything from the store. We understand your excitement knows no bounds. However, clutter should be avoided at least in the initial few months of the arrival of the baby. Let the room breathe and feel fresh when the baby comes. You can use simple and light accessories like kids’ bag or basket or something even on the cot.


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Hope these ideas excite you enough to start up with designing a gender neutral nursery.

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