Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Modern PreFab Homes

What Is Included With A PreFab Home

Modern PreFab Homes
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The cost of housing has been escalating for many years and it’s these high prices that can make it difficult for the younger generation to be able to purchase their first homes. Not only are people looking for quality housing they can afford and meets all of their needs but a newer sense of responsible and sustainable housing has become an important trend.

More and more people are becoming increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint and how their actions affect the greater world around them. One of the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible methods of building a new home is with the modern prefab homes. Custom designs using quality manufacturing methods and recycled materials are a popular and more affordable way to get the house of your dreams.

Building a new home
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With streamlined design and architecture, prefabricated homes have come a long way from when they first came on the scene over 50 years ago. Built in climate controlled manufacturing facilities, these precisely measured and constructed homes can not only save you money but can help reduce the effects on the environment that are unavoidable with traditional home builds. By using quality recycled materials, laser accurate measurements and a protected construction phase, much of the waste and labour costs can be avoided.

Even with all of the technological advancements and improvements to the prefab home industry in the past decades, people may still be slightly skeptical about the quality of the homes that they can acquire. We have listed several of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that many homeowners have about the benefits, the process and the costs of investing in a prefab home.

  • Can I Customize My Own House Plan?: Absolutely. Most companies will show you all of their house templates that are available but you can always make changes to suit your needs. Your prefab home design process will be entirely up to you and your design team to compile. The basic kits or templates are generally just a starting point that buyers can customize themselves.

    Can I Customize My Own House Plan
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    You will be able to choose your interior color scheme, all fixtures and finishes, flooring, cabinetry and lighting options. The possibilities are endless and you will work closely with the architects and designers until you are completely happy with the final result. No construction will begin until the final design has been approved by you.

  • How Long Does A Prefab Home Take To Build?: The length of the project can depend greatly on many factors. It may take time to finalize a design, secure a property to build your home, or there could be hold ups with financial factors. That being said, the actual construction time after all building permits have been confirmed is only 6 to 8 months. This can easily be a year faster than a traditional build. If all goes smoothly you could expect to move into your home only one year after your initial meeting with the builders and design team.

    How Long Does A Prefab Home Take To Build
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  • What Is Included With A PreFab Home?: When your home is ready to be delivered it is pretty much 95% completed. With the exception of furniture, decorative and personal items, your home is ready to go once it is on site. The connection of water, electric and gas utilities will have to be hooked up and the full secure placement to your foundation will also take place. Once those things are completed you are ready to move in.

    What Is Included With A PreFab Home
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    Your plumbing, lighting, electrical and water systems will have already been fully installed in the house ready for connection. Your flooring, interior painting, kitchen counters, cupboards are all included in the finished house. All of your architectural plans, permits and design drawings are also included with the completed house.

  • What Is A Panelized System?: This is a specific term that applies to the method of construction of prefabricated homes. Each section or panel of the house is built independently using precise measuring equipment and then each piece is connected to another like a puzzle. Each panel will hold all of its own necessary components including wiring and plumbing needs.

    What Is A Panelized System
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    The laser accuracy of the construction measurements allows for the pieces to be fitted together for a strong and tight seal. This helps create the energy efficient design that prefab homes have become known for. There is little to no waste in the building process and the innovative designs use windows as a method of heating, cooling and circulation within each home.

  • How Much Do PreFab Homes Cost?: There are so many varieties of design that a generalized price tag is too difficult to determine. The price of your land and the customization options for your home will greatly impact the final cost of your home. With your architectural drawings, design team, permits, foundation design and implementation, all building components, labor costs and interior finishes the average cost is between $350 – 450 per square foot. This is an up to 40% savings over the traditional build option.

  • What Is The Process For Building A PreFab Home?: There are three steps to the building process for a prefabricated home and all are equally important and have a great impact on the final product.

    What Is The Process For Building A PreFab Home
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  • Design & Pricing: This is the start of the process when buyers will meet with the design team to talk about what they are looking for in their home. All of the details of your home will be discussed and planned during this phase, although changes can be made during the second step as well. You build team will then investigate the zoning laws in your preferred building area and a work up of the costs for your home will be initially finalized.

  • Engineering & Permits: Once the buyer has settled what they want from their home the design and engineering teams get to work. Proper site planning, foundation mapping and floorplans are all created ready for the construction teams. The builder will then apply for and collect all necessary building and zoning permits that are necessary for construction on the site.

  • Fabrication & Construction: Following the architectural and engineering plans, construction will start on the panels for your home. Sophisticated technological equipment will measure the panels for consistent fitting and the sections of your home will start to come together. Once the main construction is done including all the plumbing and electrical work, your home will be ready for transport to your building site. Once installed and secured to your foundation, the final panels will be attached, utilities will be hooked up and any last minute issues will be addressed.

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