Different Types of Fireplaces

Ideas of Fireplaces - Home Decor Ideas

The three primary types of fireplaces are available in the marketplace to beat the chills of winters. The types are wood, gas, and electric fireplaces.

Ideas of Fireplaces - Home Decor Ideas
Ideas of Fireplaces

The different types of wood fireplaces are:

    • Traditional Open Hearth: This type of fireplace has been existing for a long time. It is usually made of brick or stone. When individuals come near the fireplace, they can feel the heat, smell the wood, and can hear the crackling of the wood, as well. Even though this type of fireplaces feels authentic, they are not effective when it comes to warming up modern varieties of rooms in the households these days. If there is no fireplace at home, it might require a lot of work to get the construction of the fireplace done because the opening and the chimney need an opening in the house.

    • Enclosed Fireplaces: Instead of being open, these fireplaces are completely enclosed. A typically enclosed fireplace contains a glass panel, which allows the individuals to enjoy the warmth of the enclosed surface and the entire ambiance. This design ensures that less heat is escaping out the system and more heat enters the system. Overall, this type of fireplace ensures that the members of the household stay warm during the winter season.

    • Fireplace Inserts: This is a type of fireplace is inserted into an existing fireplace opening. This is an enclosed fireplace, which turns an inefficient open-hearth system into a closed system. It is very effective and efficient.

    • Wood Burning Stoves: Even though this is technically not one of the types of fireplaces, wood stoves act as the best alternative for heating a house without using a fireplace. However, this place requires a pipe to ensure that the smoke goes out from the chimney.

The different types of gas fireplaces available are:

    • Gas Fireplace Inserts: This type of insert is designed in such a way that they can be installed in an already existing firebox. This means that the insert sits right on top of the fireplace. This type of fireplace is very appealing alternative when the existing fireplace is not working efficiently or when it is not safe to operate that might cause a lot of damage. Many gas inserts are connected efficiently and operate easily from the gas lines of the house. They are usually ignited with the help of a push button.

    • Built-In Gas Fireplaces: If an individual is building a house and does not want to opt for an inefficient open-hearth system, he/she can opt for a built-in fireplace. A built-in fireplace is the most efficient sources of heat inside the house. A number of inherent benefits are associated with this type of fireplace because it generates a lot of heat waste as compared to the other types of traditional wood units. When the fire is being burnt, very little heat is cycled out and allows the individuals in the household to enjoy the warmth of a cozy fireplace.

      Built-In Gas Fireplaces - Home Decor Ideas
      Built-In Gas Fireplaces

The other types of fireplaces available in the market are the electric fireplaces. The distinct types of electric fireplaces are classified into fireplace logs or inserts for a chimney or a fireplace that is existing. Every electric fireplace types operate safely without any kind of venting. For the people who prefer all-in-one units, traditional media stands, and mantels are available in the market. Media stands play a double role and conceal the electronic items in the house. For example, media stands act as television stands and it comes with in-built electric fireplace stand.

Thus, you can choose the fireplace unit that best suits to you according to your home requirement and as per your preference.

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