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Basic rules for designing the bathroom

The bathroom is considered to be one of the most expensive areas, you know the plumbing, lighting, fitting sanitary, and tiling. But, it’s always worth the cost, since it’s the area you want to be more functional. Apart from the basic need, one should be aware of the arrangement you make in the bathroom. Well, yes now you can’t change the blueprint of the bathroom, but if you can make the best out of your home from some amazing home decor ideas, then surely the brilliant bathroom decoration ideas can do the same. And don’t worry about the space and expense, we have considered both the things while making a perfect choice for you. So let’s get started.

  • Basic rules for designing the bathroom: It may seem difficult, but getting the best out of even the small area of the bathroom is possible. Of course, you need to consider based on your personal need, but dimensions, and most importantly the style of the bathroom should always fit into the way your home has been designed. Even if you can’t afford to renovate the whole bathroom, there are some accessories that will make your bathroom experience personalized as well as functional.

    Basic rules for designing the bathroom

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  • What accessories?: Including accessories which can make the bathroom look amazing even by using the small area makes a difference. For example, if you can’t have the separate shower, then you can divide the bathroom and can take out the shower area using a curtain. Own a PVC vinyl made the curtain for the durability and beauty to make the bathroom praiseworthy. The bathroom curtains are capable of giving your bathroom a graceful ambiance where you can take the bath smoothly. A perfect prop to go with your bathroom decor ideas.

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  • Don’t forget to have the basic bathroom accessory set. You know you need something to hold all your daily use items like soap, toothpaste, brush, etc. It’s always better to have something that can hold and organize the whole stuff at a single place, you know, to avoid the fuss. Nowadays, these accessories are available in so many design and colour, and you can pick your favourite one. We have already picked something for you, see the image below. It’s made from ceramic, and the colour will definitely fit with your theme. The whole set comes with a soap dish, tumbler, holder stand for a toothbrush, and a soap dispenser. Perfect fit to go with all your bathroom decor ideas.

    Bathroom Accessory Set for bathroom - home decor ideasImage Source: Amazon

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  • And you will always need a doormat. When you come out of the bathroom you don’t want to mess all other rooms with the water. The soft, knitted with high-quality wool, which can absorb the subsequent water is all you need. And you can pick this up in your favourite design, like in a big feet pattern which is not only cute but also stylish. Don’t forget to add this to your bathroom decoration ideas list.

    Bedroom Floor Shower Soft Mat Rug for bathroom - home decor ideasImage Source: Amazon

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  • Last, but not the least, mirror. It’s not only the basic necessity but also adds style and elegance to the bathroom. Imagine a perfect oval-shaped mirror, with the sheer craftsmanship, and a high quality polished cerium (IV) oxide on the bathroom wall. Try it and you will find that it compliments all your bathroom decoration ideas in the best style.

    Bathroom Mirror - home decor ideasImage Source: Amazon

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