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When we plan a house, or by an already constructed one, we always look for home decor ideas that could help us manage the rooms and divide them as per our need. These days we also try to keep a separate room for our guests. And why not? After all, Guests are special people. They bring with themselves good luck, happiness, love and of course, sweets. Ha! Jokes apart.

Guests are important and thus having a guest room decorated and maintained for them is equally important. Now for those who have been wondering all this while, why guest rooms are important, well, they are important because if you aren’t prepared for your guests, you will eventually feel awkward and embarrassed. There are times when guests surprise us with their visits and if we do not have a separate room for them, we end up adjusting ourselves.

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You would be thinking even if you keep a separate room for your guests, what to do with it, how to decorate it, what to include in the room and what not, etc. you sure are going through many such questions. But don’t you worry people, because today, we have come up with some cool and impressive home decor ideas. These decor ideas are not just good to look at but at the same time are also equally easy to do and economical on your budget.

Well, without a further ado let’s move ahead on some of these great guest room decor ideas:

  • A welcome mat and a sweet flower-pot: Let your guests feel home when they visit you. Nothing could bring a smile on their face than a welcome mat and some fresh flowers in the flower-pot beside it. Not just an ordinary flower-pot but a pot that says ‘sweet home’. You can place them either on your main gate or at the entrance of the guest room as shown in the image below.

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  • Some extra cushions: To make them more comfortable and feel like they are at a home away from their home, the best you can do is to provide them with a comfortable bed with some extra cushions and of course, a comfy blanket. Doing so, not only will you make your guests happy, and feel comfortable, but at the same time also win their hearts. What more could you ask for?

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  • A nice dressing table: To provide your guests with everything required in our day-to-day life is what really means treating the guests. One such necessary thing is a dressing table with a clean mirror along. This will make your guests not roam around in the house or in the washroom in search for mirrors to get ready for the day. Decorate the dressing table with some necessary items and you are done!

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  • A customised hammock: Whether or not the guests come along with kids, this special relaxing hammock as shown in the image below will sure make them want to live at your house for long. This can be created with ease. All you need to do is to get a hammock and decorate it with some beautiful string lights and add some extra comfort with cushions.

    A-Customised-Hammock-Guest-Room-Decor-Ideas-Home-Decor-IdeasImage Source: Google Images

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