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mind and the soul

After a long day at work and so much commotion and emotions that we go through, we tend to look at home for peace and serenity. Apart from comfortable and warm bed, the color selection on the walls of room or furniture any other part of home plays an equally important role. Well who wouldn’t want to get welcomed with bright and positive colors!! Thus, color combination in home setting is of great importance. Ideal colors and light in the room can instantly cheer you up from the work pressure, stress and long boring day.

Color Trends

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You have spent a fortune in planning, decorating and designing your dream home, and that’s why choosing the right colors becomes even more significant. Today’s blog is going to be all about colors. Colors set the mood of room. Gone are the days when people used to play safe by going with neutral colors, there are amazing color palette to choose and to make your room vivid with a tinge of bright colors. Also, painting the room in single colors is quite mundane, so why not go an extra mile instead and use a combination of contrasting and complimenting colors for the interiors. Does it sound tedious and difficult to visualize, don’t you worry because we have a color palette guide for you, which will help you make wise decision while choosing colors for the interiors.

1. Bold – for all the pioneers, risk-takers, ambitious, brave and fearless there’s a collection of invulnerable color that will certainly reflect your daring side. Hues of purple, mustard, sea green, black and grey define the emotion. Combination of these colors if used wisely can bring about spirited energy to your moments.

invulnerable color

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2. Dark – away from the hustle bustle of city life, one tends to long for a refuge space to revitalize the mind and the soul. A space away from the commotion of urban lights and dazzling streets. Dark hues thus, create the required escape to the most valued commodity – night, for a sound sleep. Dark hues are rich with vine – ripe fruit, blues, neutrals and golden yellows.

mind and the soul

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3. Limitless – for all the boundless and unrestraint in terms of dependency or freedom, the ones who like to make their own path and chase their dreams, the ones who have an eye for seeking the fine details and would like to invest in the best they can afford, this set of palette will certainly reflect a part of their personality. The colors of this palette are – mustards, ocean blues, corals and mud.

ocean blues, corals

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4. Luxury – this category includes colors like – blush red, browns, and cold neutrals. The people who are transparent when it comes to projecting their luxurious lifestyle, which has become fairly connected to a part of their personalities. This color suits the people who are in an endless quest for a fair luxury.

fair luxury

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These color palettes could be used in any part of the home – bedroom, living room, home office, or even in outdoors. Look for the set that suits your personality and overall mood of the room. So which one’s your favorite!!??

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