Change Your Home Decor Using Salt Lamps

Make Bedroom Cozy

Change Your Home Decor Using Salt Lamps
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If you are a decor fanatic and looking for some unique and modern decoration ideas to change the look of your home and make it a more vibrant lively place then you are at the right place. As we are going to share one of the unique décor ideas that is getting very much popular in the home design industry. That idea is to incorporate Himalayan salt lamps in your home decor.

These are the trendiest decoration pieces that are so versatile in their functionality. These lamps are not just the ordinary lamps that only decorate your homes with their gorgeous warm glow but also serve as natural air purifiers and mood enhancers. These are the ideal pieces to change the overall decor of your home and make it the center of attraction. These lamps will make your home look fancy and elegant at the same time.

There are so many places in your home where you can place these beautifully carved lamps. We have shared some of the best ways to place these lamps in your home and enjoy their radiating glow. You can choose from a wide range of lamps having different shapes and sizes to suit your taste and lighting needs of your place.

  • Light up the Corners:

    Light up the Corners
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    Most of the times you neglect the corners of different areas of the home that makes the home look dull and less attractive. By smartly utilizing those corners you can enhance the decor of any place.

    The areas around the sofas or the shelves need more attention. Give the glistening touch to those corners by placing salt lamps there. You can use different shaped salt lamps such as flower, pyramid or natural lamps and place them along with the staircase and make it more vibrant. It will make your home so welcoming.

    Next time when you decorate your home just explore such corners and light them up with the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps.

  • Make Entryway More Attractive:

    The entrance of your home is the first thing that attracts the attention of your guests. To make it a more pleasant and welcoming place salt lamp on entryway alongside any slender vase or on the mantle to add the vintage glamour and ambiance.

  • Brighten Up the Living Room:

    Brighten Up the Living Room
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    This is the place where you spend your free time giggling with your family, so it should be as vibrant and lively as your family. By placing these salt lamps in your family room can add the warmth that it needs. You can place any shaped lamp or fire bowls near the sofa or on the table. These lamps will not only serve as the decor item but also neutralize the air around you by emitting negative ions. These ions will reduce the effect of harmful electromagnetic rays carrying positive ions that are released by the electronics around you.

    So next time, enjoy the relaxing environment and glow of these lamps while reading a book or a magazine or watching your favorite show in your living room.

  • Make Bedroom Cozy:

    Make Bedroom Cozy
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    After a long hectic day, the bedroom is the place where you seek comfort and peace. It should be decorated according to the needs and taste of the individual who owns that room. But one thing that will suit the choice of every individual is these aesthetically carved salt lamps. Place it near you on the side table to avail its maximum benefits. It will make the room a cozy warm place that will make your mind and body relaxed and peaceful. It is said to improve your irregular sleeping pattern. It could be an ideal decoration piece for people suffering from insomnia.

    These lamps can also serve as night light lamps because of their subtle warm light. You can place them in your kids’ room. It will help in increasing their concentration. You can put a lamp on the study table as well.

  • Kitchen:

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    Himalayan salt can not only add minerals and flavor to your food but can also be a healthy addition to your kitchen decor. You can make your kitchen more pleasant and vibrant with these lamps. Place them on shelves or table and enhance the decor. You can also place them on top of the cabinets in your kitchen that is mostly dull and dark.

    These lamps act as natural air purifiers and will help to neutralize the air in your kitchen that is full with smoke, food’s smell and electromagnetic radiations that emit through electronics such as microwave oven, refrigerator, etc., in the kitchen. It will clear the air from all the bacteria and air-born particle leaving fresh energy. These eco-friendly lamps will add the freshness along with the new visual appeal to your kitchen.

  • Do It Yourself: Wake up your creativity germs and use these lamps to make something interesting. Place one or two lamps on the floor of your living room or bedroom. Take some fairy lights and wrap them around the bottom of the lamps and also spread them on the floor.

  • Bathroom Decor: You can even place these beautifully shaped salt lamps in your bathroom while taking a healing and therapeutic salt bath to give yourself a spa-like feel at home. It will make your bathroom decor more modern and up to date. You can couple it up with a Himalayan salt candle holder to add more spa-like feels and enjoy the warm glowing bathing experience.

    By carefully placing these aesthetically appealing salt lamps anywhere in your home or even in your office, you can add ambiance, serenity, and warmth to your place. Without any effort, you can up the decor game of your place in no time.

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