Bathroom Tile Designs For A Classy Morning Experience

Country Side Bathroom Feels - Home decor ideas

As bloggers and travelers we have had a mix of experiences, especially when it comes to the bathrooms. Be it tent toilets or just basic bathrooms or luxurious lavatories, we have used it all without complaints. However, there are few people who are really particular about the look and feel of the bathrooms for a comfortable morning experience. Hence, over the years, bathroom decor has become a major part of home decor ideas. Families are now realizing the importance of quality over quantity. Time and again we have given insights on the wall colors, furniture and essential toiletries of bathrooms. Which we are sure helped you with best bathroom decoration ideas.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas - Home decor ideas
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Today, we will talk about tiles and how just the change in color or a good combination of tiles and its placement can transform the look and feel of the bathroom. Of course it is financially not feasible to modify the tiles of bathroom frequently as compared to the wall color or wash basin and that’s the reason we suggest to thoroughly plan and design the bathroom for a lasting experience. In a way the selection of tiles can make or break the visual appeal of the bathroom. Don’t worry friends!!! In the coming section we will suggest some of the fine tile designs for your bathroom.

    • A Combination Of Checks And Plains: simple, neat and clean is what we would call this combination. This arrangement has only middle section of checks amidst the plain tiles. There is a wide spectrum to choose just the right color combination for this category. However, if you ask us we would suggest shades of brown (cream, light brown, dark brown and chocolate brown). See the below image for reference. Isn’t the combination too good!!

      A Combination Of Checks And Plains - Home decor ideas
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    • The Eclectic Gray And White: Ordinary yet strikingly beautiful combination of white and gray tiles can make even a commonplace bathroom ooze a royal charm. We suggest an artistic blend of gray and white on the floor tiles and a simple grayish tinge on wall tiles. And you are ready with a splendid bathroom for a larger –than – life morning experience. See the below image for reference. Isn’t the design and placement of tiles more than perfect!!!

      The Eclectic Gray And White - Home decor idea
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    • Blue And White Never Fails To Disappoint: when you are too confused about the selection of tile color, designs, shape and combination, go for blue and white without giving a second thought. We recommend basic square tiles as you all know going simple is the new trend. You can have floor with plain whites and bathroom walls in a combination of white and blue. See the below image for reference.

      Blue And White Never Fails To Disappoint - Home decor ideas
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    • Country Side Bathroom Feels: anything in wood reminds us of country side. Be it a wooden house or pair of wooden chairs with a table or for that matter even tile that gives a wooden finesse. See the below image for reference. We adore the floor and wall tiles and the way it perfectly matches with the bath tub, wash basin, mirror and the dustbin.

      Country Side Bathroom Feels - Home decor ideas
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Hope now you have an idea about the tile color combination and designs to choose from an array of alternatives. We would like to know your views in the comments below.

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