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It is difficult to visualize the amount of furniture one must have in different rooms of a Home. Furniture shouldn’t be too much keeping in the mind the space factor. Also it can’t be too minimal as well as you ought to have basic amenities in rooms. Too much furniture kills the walking space and makes the room appear small and cramped up.

And thus, arrangement of furniture plays an important role. Furniture that you require in bedroom may be different from what needs to be in guest room or even kids room. In today’s blog we will discuss about insights that go behind organizing furniture in different rooms of a home.


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The Master Bedroom – What makes a room turn into a bedroom is the combination of all elements one puts in it. A master bedroom as the word suggests need not be big or it has got nothing to do with area. Infact it is all about the amenities you decide to have.

The display of furniture plays a crucial role in deciding the visual appeal of the room. How one can accommodate the king size bed or wardrobe or side table and other elements and still makes room appear big enough. The following pointers one must keep in mind before decorating the master bedroom.

• Eliminate clutter this will help make the bedroom look bigger.
• Keep all the furniture in sync with overall color and theme of the room.
• If you are fond of bedside table, keep the size as big as the space allows.
• Have a space for at least one comfortable chair.
• Carpeting the bedroom floor needs to be considered, this will help reduce the noise.
• If space allows have a desk to write or read.


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Teenager’s Bedroom – Teenagers these days are smart. They know exactly what they want and what they like. All they need is a space for music and to display their collection apart from a comfortable bed and a stylish wardrobe. A lot of activities like more and more surfing the net and entertainment take place in their rooms and hence it is advised to have extra seatings and small desk.

Teenager’s Bedroom

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Children Bedroom – Rooms for children needs to well planned and safety must be of paramount interest when it comes to arranging the furniture.

• Choose bunk beds and cribs that meet all safety standards.
• Make sure there are no loose chords.
• Keep cribs away from windows.
• The flooring must be skid proof.
• The electric equipments must be far from their reach.


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The Guest Room – having a separate room for guests has become important these days. The reason being, comfort level of both the guest and family needs to be looked after. Guest room should be as comfortable as your own bedroom. However, you can minus the irrelevant furniture.

• Go for a smarter move by having a day bed or sofa bed to save up space.
• Make sure there is closet space in abundance.


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Hope these ideas will help you plan the placement of furniture in a more refined way.

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