A Journey to Select the Right Chandelier Just Like Pros!

A Journey to Select the Right Chandelier

Not only the interior designers but, a layman also knows the importance of a well-decorated and lighted house. That is why chandeliers have been used for providing the room with a glaring and brilliant effect.

Select the Right Chandelier
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Elegancy provided by the chandelier is a class apart and makes the real difference between a well lit and decorated house. Indeed, a powerful statement is offered to the place. Be it any place, home, offices, malls; you will surely find these lighting fixtures to retain the class!

Get to know more about this well-lit statement piece that makes the difference!

  • Starting with the history of a chandelier :

    Starting with the history of a chandelier
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    Chandeliers used in medieval times were affordable by wealthy and rich people. The lighting fixture had crowned or ring designs. It was after this when the chandeliers became popular in homes of the royal and palaces.

  • Jumping to the 18th Century! :

    Chandeliers were made by Venetian and Bohemian glassmakers who started using the lead crystal to make the lighting fixture look even more beautiful. This beauty was the new talk of the town, and everyone was amazed to see this amazing art.

  • Coming to the 21st Century! :

    Coming to the 21st Century
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    Every shopping mall, the commercial place you visit, is made more beautiful and aesthetic by placing chandeliers. And our home, they are also not untouched by this beautiful piece of art.

    Going further, have you had a hard time to find which chandeliers will suit your place the best?

    Are you renovating your home and in search of a guide to tell your modern stories through this modern art? Then, go on this journey to select the right chandelier for a place.

  • Size Does Matter! :

    Size Does Matter
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    To find the best look for your home, make sure to choose the right size of chandeliers. It will make the difference and awe your guests every time they come home.

    Here are the instructions to buy chandeliers for different places

Choosing for Foyer or Entryway :

  • Height :

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    First of all, what you need is to determine the chandelier height you will require. Start by measuring the height of the room. Make sure to stick to the rule that the higher your ceiling is, the taller your chandelier should be.

  • Diameter :

    The thumb rule says the diameter of the chandelier should be one half of the whole room’s parameter, which should be treated as inches. Add the length and width of the room to get the best diameter. Use this sum, but, make sure that you treat the sum in inches.

Selecting for Kitchen Island or Dining Room Table :

  • Height :

    Make sure to hang your lighting fixture at least 30-34 inches from the tabletop.

  • Pro Suggestion :

    Choose a chandelier which leans towards the elevated end of the mentioned margin.

  • Diameter :

    The hung chandelier over the table should have a diameter of one foot smaller than the actual width of the tabletop. It will help in diminishing the risk of hitting heads all the time.

    • Going Forward, How to Choose a Chandelier Style :

      Going Forward, How to Choose a Chandelier Style
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      Okay, you are well familiar with how to select the right chandelier size. But as you scroll through the internet, a wide array of options might blow you! With different chandeliers styles, how do you select a chandelier that compliments your style?

                                    Read further to find out the perfect chandelier kinds.

    1. The Crystal Chandelier :

      The Crystal Chandelier
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      The crystal chandeliers are known to be made since the 18th century. Intricate designs and patterns were made with the help of Murano and soda glass.

      Crystal chandeliers are known to give the glam and crystal clear look to the place. Though, they go on the higher end of the price but are perfect in making a room look like an art. Select a chandelier that provides the room with an aesthetic and royal look.

    2. The Drum Chandelier :

      Drum chandelier is known to have its inception from the 20th century. The drum style looks similar to the pendant light. It is an amazing piece of lighting that offers the room with a warmer and effective look.

    3. The Island Chandelier :

      The Island Chandelier
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      The island chandeliers are the perfect modern invention for the people who want to get the royal look for their kitchen islands. Also, they are a glamorous option for long tables.

    4. The Miniature Chandelier :

      A grand chandelier’s petite version is a miniature chandelier. It offers the room elegance and class without taking much of the space in the room.

    5. The Modern Chandelier :

      The Modern Chandelier
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      Modern chandeliers are being made after the Post World War 2 era. The reason behind it is that the furniture designed was much focused on modernity. Clean, straight lines are specially featured, which defines the beauty of this art.

      They are lavish designs that are known to provide the place with an aesthetic look. Go for modern chandeliers, which perfectly complement your room’s style and design.

    6. The Shaded Chandelier :

      If you are a fan of jazz, then the shaded chandeliers are the ones for you. The shades add an appealing look to any place of your home. There are diversified varieties of chandeliers that come in different sizes and shapes. Choose a shaded option to give your room a soft look without much effort.

      These are some of the chandeliers that you can choose from. Surely, they will help you provide the aesthetic and modern look to your place.

Tips to Place Your Chandelier :

Tips to Place Your Chandelier
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Center of the ceiling is the perfect place where you can place your chandelier in foyer or entryway.

A dimmer switch should be used for a dining room chandelier. It can provide perfect lighting according to the mood.

If your entryway is 2 stories, make sure not to hang the lighting below the 2nd floor. Try something new by placing chandelier in the bathroom, closet, or even in the entry foyer.

Feeling like buying a chandelier
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Feeling like buying a chandelier? Then, why not choose any of these chandeliers and make your place look like royalty. An amazing piece of lighting can be found in different online stores. Ensure that you choose a place that provides you with the fantastic offers to buy elegant chandeliers online.

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