7 Simple Health Design Tips for Your Apartment

Put up Motivating Signs - Home decor ideas

As most of us can acknowledge, living healthily goes beyond just putting the right foods into your body, or exercising regularly. It is a lifestyle choice that encompasses so many other aspects of your life, including the space you call home. While it’s becoming increasingly important for modern home owners to live in a healthy space, different people have unique needs and ideas when it comes to designing their home into a healthy abode. Apart from eliminating allergies and keeping it clean, there are a few other ideas that anyone can incorporate to transform their apartment into a space of health, wellness, and calm. Here is our pick of top seven tips to help you do just that.

Simple Health Design Tips for Your Apartment - Home decor ideas
Health Design Tips for Your Apartment

  1. Breathe Clean Air: Nothing says clean than breathing in fresh air when you walk into your apartment, but this is not always the case for most apartment owners. Due to the presence of air pollutants like smoking odors, dust and pet hairs, indoor air is often not as clean as we’d like it to be. However, there are a few ways for you to effectively clean the air in your home so that you can breathe easily every time you inhale.

    One example would be to ban indoor smoking. Put up chic ‘no smoking’ signs in a clearly visible area of your home that guests can easily perceive. Make sure they’re eye-catching enough to be noticeable, and you can easily create one yourself, using a few DIY tools and some colorful paint. The sooner you ban smoking from your home, the sooner you can eliminate those toxic and harsh chemicals which stay behind and poison your air every time someone takes a puff inside your apartment.

    Another way to clean the air inside your home is to grow indoor plants. Most indoor plants act as natural air purifiers and work around the clock to absorb harmful chemicals and air pollutants to create a cleaner atmosphere. Plants like palm trees, rubber plants, spider plants and Boston fern are just a few examples of nature’s very own organic air filters.

  2. Use non-toxic products: Although cleaning your home with chemically laden detergents is done with good intentions, the cocktail of toxic chemicals often found in these cleaners ends up defeating the purpose of creating a truly clean home. These harsh chemicals pollute the atmosphere in your apartment, and using them could also lead to serious health problems, especially for those with allergy issues.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of organic alternatives to choose from. For example, baking powder with some lemon juice and lavender oil makes for a cheap, fragrant and super powerful cleaner made from all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. A combination of white vinegar and some Borax is a super effective disinfectant that you can use to clean your bathroom area, as are citrus and tea tree oils. Even if you’re not into DIY you can easily find non-toxic home cleaners from most health shops, as well as online retailers like Amazon, and selected grocery stores.

    Another convenient option is to use reusable microfiber cloths. Wiping surfaces with a damp cloth is often more effective to remove dust and debris than using toxic chemicals. Maintaining them is easy, and only requires that you wash them once after each use.

    Put up Motivating Signs - Home decor ideas
    Use non-toxic products

  3. Put up Motivating Signs: A home that is peppered with positive affirmations throughout will inspire you to be at your best every day, and that in turn will positively affect your mental health. Embellish your apartment walls with vibrant artwork and picture frames with positive confirmations from your favorite quotes or poems. This will uplift your mood when you’re feeling down, and help you to maintain an upbeat and optimistic outlook on life.

    This was a major takeaway from an interview I had recently with Architect Andree Pizzuto from design principles. He also mentioned how big corporate offices hand these motivational and inspirational posters for a reason.

    Use non-toxic products - Home decor ideas
    Put up Motivating Signs

  4. Minimize: Interior design trends show a growing attraction towards minimalist spaces. More people are recognizing the toxic nature of having too much clutter in their homes, and are opting for a more streamlined design aesthetic. An organized apartment inspires inner peace, clear thinking, and tranquillity, whereas a messy space only stimulates stress and anxiety.

    One way to minimise the clutter in your home is to get rid of stuff that you’re not using, from clothes to old magazines and furniture. A garage sale can work great for this purpose. Next, find some patterned storage boxes from the Container Store to store items that you don’t use frequently but would like to keep, and the rest you can keep neatly arranged on surfaces if necessary. By the end of this exercise, most home owners find that they have less stuff and feel more relaxed as a result.

    Create a health-conscious kitchen - Home decor ideas
    Interior design trends

  5. Create a health-conscious kitchen: It is often said that six-packs are made in the kitchen, and while this might seem like a nice catch phrase from an exercise regimen, it is also quite true. Carefully curating your kitchen so that it has all the tools you need to develop healthy eating habits can go a long way to maintain optimal health levels.

    Keep your fruit and vegetable produce displayed on your kitchen island or breakfast table, so that it’s always available to you as snack option instead of junk food. Investing in equipment like a juicer and blender makes it convenient for you to enjoy organic and preservative free foods while keeping your fridge and cabinets free from junk foods can also create a healthy setup. Take it a step further by installing a water purifier on your kitchen faucets, and cook from home more often than you eat out to minimize your consumption of unhealthy foods. Also keep your eating and cooking areas free from food crumbs to deter pesky insects and pests from entering your home.


    Interior design trends - Home decor ideas
    Create a health-conscious kitchen

  6. Turn Your Bedroom into a sanctuary: At the end of a long day, all you want to do is retire to a calm and inviting oasis that makes it easy for you to rest, and that’s exactly what your bedroom should be like. Try and keep your bedroom as clutter free and spacious as possible, and avoid allergies by switching to organic linens and eco-friendly furniture. You could also place an air purifier to breathe clean air while you sleep, or invest in more of those air-filtering plants we mentioned in a previous section. Making these small changes can instantly transform your bedroom into a haven of calm and revitalization, and a place that you can look forward to resting your head in every day.

  7. Don’t forget Exercise: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need lots of space or cash to create an exercise space in your apartment no matter what size it is. All you need is just enough space to fit in a yoga mat and some weights. You can include more equipment if you prefer and space allows, but the point is to just create a space within your home that makes it convenient for you to exercise without having to travel or worry about the weather.

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