6 Home Decor Trends That Will Make It Big In Year 2018

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Interior designing is a highly dynamic industry. The fashion, style, and ideas keep changing, at times with every season. A trend today may become a fad tomorrow and that’s what the industry is all about. The best of home decor ideas today may not interest you tomorrow as the design ideas keep evolving. We are in the last month of the year 2017 and the year has witnessed a number of changes, advancements, and trends. Consequently, something new awaits for all us in our professional and personal lives in the year 2018 and same goes with home decor trends as well.

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While this year was all about bright hues and using a tinge of vibrant colors in different home spaces was quite conspicuous. 2018 home decor trends will be about going sophisticated, rich and elegant by using subtle decorative elements. Experimenting with colors, bringing in color combinations not seen before, different designs and styles will be prominent in home decor ideas in the coming year. Going minimal when it comes to furniture and decoration ideas and using elements for going classy and refined will be yet another home decor trends. Well if you are already head over heels about it, we are here to calm your mind and soul with some of the best 2018 home decor trends for different home spaces.

2018 home decor trend Ideas - Home decor ideas
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  • Turquoise The New Black: we have often seen people going bold by experimenting with color black and have been successful in doing so. Home decor trends in 2018 will have turquoise color replaced by black. The color is soothing and is surely going to help you make a statement and lasting first impression. Be it living area or bedroom, the color could be accommodated in any of these home areas. See the below image for reference. The combination of turquoise with white is surely going to grab your attention. Simple, minimal and impactful is what we are going to call it.

    Turquoise The New Black - Home Decor Ideas
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  • Blue & Green A Rare Combination: 2018 home decor trends will be about using unprecedented color combinations, as previously mentioned. How about a combination of blue and green, just like in the reference image below!! The way different shades of blue and green are used is undoubtedly a smart idea. The room definitely looks visually appealing.

    Blue & Green A Rare Combination
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  • Flooring Trend In 2018: yet another important feature home decor ideas is the way flooring is planned. Instead of going with plain floors, floor fields with patterns and designs will be seen in next year. We like the way the entire room is kept minimal as patterns on the floor are certainly making up for it.

    Flooring Trend In 2018 - Home Decor Ideas
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  • Classic Wooden Kitchen: guess the trend of this year is going to top the chart in home decor trends in 2018 as well. Wooden drawers, cabinets and other furniture in the kitchen will again be seen.

    Classic Wooden Kitchen - Home Decor Ideas
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  • Pantone For The Bedroom: the bedroom is supposed to be lavish and the golden and cream hues will definitely add to the elegance. Thumbs up for this 2018 home decor trends!!

    Pantone For The Bedroom - Home Decor Ideas
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  • Balcony Trends: small balcony ideas will be seen in home interior designing as these are easy to plan and maintain. See the below image for reference. Small yet accommodating all the essentials!!

    Balcony Trends - Home Decor Ideas
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